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Business Resources:



BizKid$ is a public television series that has a website available to students, teachers and parents to participate in online activities engaging them in money management and business. Highlighted are videos of real kid-entrepreneurs who have implemented this program in their lives.  Additional links are provided to encourage kids to seek out other opportunities to encourage habits of good money management.  Games, budgeting worksheets and credit calculators are given as well to have students think about saving and investing.


How the Stock Market Works was created to help beginners understand how stocks work by giving them virtual cash of $25,000 to $1,000,000 so they can practice trading U.S. Stocks, ETFs and Mutual Funds.

In addition to the practice account, this website features hundreds of educational articles, glossaries, Words of the Day, and Quotes of the Day so that students learn a little more each time they visit.


Secret Millionaires Club

This great resource teaches students, parents, and teachers about financial literacy and entrepreneurship with free activities for the classroom. Many webisodes are available with fun, interactive activities to accompany each one.


Entrepreneur Career Guide

Tons of resources here

Lesson plans for business, economics, finance and law are also included.


U.S. Small Business Administration

Tips for teens as they start their own businesses.



Free Lesson Plans


Open for Business!

This engaging lesson gives students the opportunity to identify risks and rewards of entrepreneurship and distinguish between entrepreneurs who start a business to produce a good or provide a service.


Business Ownership: The Franchise Option

Students explore an alternative to starting a business from scratch Ė investing in a franchise. They begin by considering the pros and cons of a franchise and whether this form of business is an option that would fit their personality and needs. Students then research and analyze franchise opportunities, ultimately selecting one that they think they might be able to successfully operate in their own community. While making their choice, students consider a variety of factors including their personal interests and abilities, the reputation of the product or service, the franchisorís ability and willingness to assist the franchisee, and market factors such as consumer demand and anticipated competition.



Financial Literacy Resources


Ready to TEACH IT?

Students today face more financial choices than any previous generation. Mastering basic personal finance skills will impact students for life.

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360 Degrees of Financial Literacy Website

Resource Type: Calculator, Downloadable resources, Online Article, Online learning

360 DEGREES OF FINANCIAL LITERACY is a website where consumers can find extensive free resources to help them make sound financial decisions through every stage of life, from childhood to retirement. The site is free from all advertising, sales and promotions.


A Gift for Momma - Lesson Plan

Resource Type: Downloadable resources

In this lesson, students read a story about a young girl, Sara. Having always made gifts, Sara wants to buy a gift for Mama. Students create/illustrate a booklet describing Sara's and their short-term savings goals. Lesson uses the children's book, A GIFT FOR MAMA, by Esther Hautzig.



Resource Type: Game, Online Video Game, Online learning

ADMONGO teaches students about advertisements using an interactive, online game. While playing students learn about ads targeted audience, what they are saying to listeners, and what they ultimately want. Also included is a curriculum tied to national standards of learning in language arts and social studies that teachers can use to inform students of ongoing marketing issues.


Avengers: Saving The Day

Resource Type: Book, Teaching guide (multiple topics), Downloadable resources, Online learning

AVENGERS: SAVING THE DAY is a free financial literacy comic book created by Marvel Comics and Visa Inc. Marvelís iconic characters, including the Avengers, Hulk and Spider-Man, introduce children to basic money concepts, such as budgeting, saving, banking and rate of return.


Avoiding Credit and Charge Card Fraud

Resource Type: Booklet/Pamphlet, Downloadable resources

Avoiding Credit and Charge Card Fraud identifies steps to make it more difficult for a crook to get your credit or charge card or card numbers. It provides tips on how to report losses and fraud as well as to how to protect yourself against fraud.


Avoiding Student Credit Card Debt

Resource Type: Online learning

Avoiding Student Credit Card Debt is a free online article providing information about credit cards marketed to college students. Topics include card marketing techniques, interest rates, how to comparison shop for the best card, proper use of cards, and the importance of credit education.


Bank at School: A Teachers Guide for Comprehensive Learning

Resource Type: Game, Book, Booklet/Pamphlet, Lesson plan (single topic), Teaching guide (multiple topics)

Bank at School Teacher's Guide is offered in cooperation with local banks to help students build financial skills. Schools open educational bank branches in the classroom and give students access to their own savings account. On "bank days", students can make deposits. The emphasis is on saving. The teacher's guide provides classroom lessons complete with benchmarks and activities to accompany the students' banking experience.



Resource Type: Simulation, Booklet/Pamphlet, Lesson plan (single topic), Student workbook, Teaching guide (multiple topics), Online learning

BANZAI is a free online application designed to introduce students to principles of personal finance using a series of scenarios developed in conjunction with experienced educators. Banzai users hail from all 50 states and many countries. The system is appropriate for business, CTE, accounting, and financial literacy courses. The content can be adapted for grades 8-12, post-secondary, and adult education. Free lesson plans, grading tools, and online support are included.