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Careers in Motion August 2021


The School District of Waupaca Celebrated its first CTE Signing Day on May 20, 2021

School District of Waupaca

For reference, high schools have been known to celebrate athletes signing letters of intent and praise seniors that have received acceptance letters from colleges. Waupaca High School has chosen to go in a different direction and honor the students who are prepared to enter the skilled labor workforce after graduation. The students met with representatives from their future employers on stage and signed letters of intent, while their families and school administration witnessed. As the demand for skilled workers grows, we need to extend the importance and value of what tradespeople have on our local, state and national economies. This year’s event recognized students entering the skilled labor workforce who completed their senior survey. Next year, there are plans to grow the celebration to include students who have earned state certifications such as the AutoCAD, CDL, CNA and Youth Apprenticeship certifications as well as all students who are furthering their education through a technical college.

Spring 2021, Volume 2, Front page



28 Wisconsin School Districts Awarded Fab Lab Grants

28 school districts throughout the state have been awarded a total of more than $635,000 in grants to establish or expand local fabrication laboratory (fab lab) facilities. The fab lab is a high-technology workshop equipped with computer-controlled manufacturing components such as 3D printers, laser engravers, computer numerical control routers and plasma cutters. Through its Fab Labs Grant Program, WEDC is supporting the purchase of fab lab equipment for instructional and educational purposes by elementary, middle school, junior high or high school students. “Fab labs not only benefit the students themselves with important technology and career skills, but they also benefit Wisconsin employers, who will be able to find workers with the right skills to allow their companies to grow and thrive.”

Spring 2021, Volume 2, Front page




Warhawk Manufacturing

Arrowhead Union High School

Warhawk Manufacturing is in its second year of operation at Arrowhead Union High School in Hartland, Wisconsin. This student-run business is a “small job” shop that makes products for the school, the community, and its business partners. At the completion of the senior-level capstone course, students are given a manufacturing scholarship to use for the next level of education or tools for the workforce. This course is unique to Arrowhead as it allows for students to experience business from different perspectives as they work throughout the year for the student-run company and for themselves.

Manufacturing Today Wisconsin Spring, 2021, Front page



Bay Link Manufacturing Gives Students ‘Real World’ Experience in the Manufacturing Industry

Green Bay Area Public School District

Bay Link Manufacturing® gives students the opportunity to gain real world experience in manufacturing, engineering, marketing, and business. Recognizing that the future depends on creating a highly skilled workforce to sustain our vibrant community, the Green Bay Area Public School District and it’s partners developed Bay Link Manufacturing® in 2014. Students receive high school credit as well as college credit upon completion of the program. Bay Link Manufacturing ® is a high precision manufacturing learning lab located at Green Bay West High School. The lab is equipped to complete projects for local companies in the areas of industrial welding, machine fabrication, and metals. Through sales, marketing, accounting, project planning, bidding, purchase orders, and customer service, students also learn the business side of manufacturing

Manufacturing Today Wisconsin, Fall 2020, Page 4



A-Tech Prepares High School Students for the World of Work

Appleton Area School District

A-Tech was created in response to a need for workers to fill the growing demand for skilled manufacturing positions in Northeast Wisconsin. Students learn practical skills that get applied to real-world situations, such as math skills to determine the proper angle for a specific laser cut or weld, writing skills to prepare a standout cover letter and resume, and science skills to understand the chemistry behind the materials they’re working with. Each student’s education track is tailored to his or her interests, resulting in more individual attention. Mark McQuade, A-Tech Principal says, “What sets us apart from other schools is our ability to offer over 40 college credits that transfer into the program of study that the student has chosen.

Manufacturing Today Wisconsin, Fall 2020, Page 7





Jefferson Automotive

The School District of Jefferson

The School District of Jefferson is one of 19 ASE certified high schools in Wisconsin. Innovation, consumer demands, and a rapidly-growing population have transformed the automotive service industry. Expertise in technology, problem-solving, and strategic thinking are now hallmarks of this profession and students at JHS are stepping up to the plate. Our students are constantly pushing to improve their knowledge and skills and see the value in developing the technical skills necessary for success in the automotive industry. Over the last several years the average yearly enrollment in automotive classes has risen to nearly 150 students. Notably, the increase in enrollment has also brought many more female students to the classes.

Transportation Today Wisconsin™ Winter 2021, Page 22



Kaukauna Automotive Technology Program

Kaukauna High School

The Automotive Technology program at Kaukauna High School has continued to be a very popular program for students to become involved in. Each year 200–250 students take part in various courses offered in the automotive field at KHS. Many of the students who take the automotive courses at Kaukauna High School have gone into the automotive field, but a number of them have also gone into the engineering, design, as well as other related fields such as diesel mechanics and outdoor power equipment. the automotive courses here at Kaukauna are designed to help students help prepare for a number of possible career areas.

Transportation Today Wisconsin™ Winter 2020, Page 9



Pilot Program Takes Flight in Wausau, Students Earn their Private Pilot's License!

Wausau School District

Students in Central Wisconsin are earning their FAA Private Pilot’s License through a new Aviation Pathway. High school students ages 16 and up from several school districts are earning .5 elective credits on their transcripts by enrolling in Aviation 101 through Wausau Area Virtual Education. Students apply for acceptance into the program in September and October and start the spring semester class in January. During the class, students are also logging hours on two certified flight simulators. After two successful semesters of the program, enrollment in Aviation 101 remains consistent at 10-12 students and 6 students have gone on to earn their private pilot’s license. As this program continues to grow, the goal is to increase capacity for larger class sizes, and to add an Aviation 102 course.

Transportation Today Wisconsin™ Winter 2021, Page 19





Kimberly Students Continue to Build Towards the Future Despite COVID-19

Kimberly Area School District

Despite the current pandemic, the Building Construction 2 (BC2) class from Kimberly High School (KHS) recently finished construction on the Nirschl Field multi-purpose facility. Nirschl Field is located on school grounds and serves as the home field to the Kimberly athletic department and other community-based activities. . “This class provides students with opportunities to achieve field experience that they can’t get in the classroom,” said Steve Masanz, the KHS technology education teacher and ACE Academy Coordinator leading the class. “Also more importantly, they have a chance to explore rewarding careers in the construction industry and develop essential workplace skills that will help them in any career field they choose.”

Teaching Today WI Winter 2021, Volume 1, Front page



Bridges Construction & Renovation Students Improve Community with 2020–21 Home Projects

Green Bay Area Public School District

The Bridges Construction & Renovation Program provides high school students a community-based, hands-on learning experience in the construction and renovation industries. Each school year, Bridges students work on building a house from the ground up. Students work with professional contractors to learn about structural design, building safety, blueprint reading, rough and finish construction, modern design and home improvements. Students also explore the application of carpentry, masonry, home wiring, plumbing and architectural design. Bridges students have the opportunity to earn both high school and college credit while enrolled in the program.

Teaching Today WI Winter 2021, Volume 1, Page 10



Portage High School Building Trades Program

Portage High School

Portage High School has a long-standing tradition of having an excellent technology education program. Our students are allowed opportunities in automotive, machining and welding, drafting and CAD, woodworking, and construction. Our building construction program is set up with three classes students can take throughout their high school career: home servicing, residential construction, and building trades. Our building trades program, which is our capstone class in our construction curriculum, is a source of pride here at PHS. Each year since the early 1990’s, a group of our students set out to build and complete a single-family home. In September we start with a new foundation and by the end of May, it is a finished building. This is one of the most real-world experiences we can offer to our students.

Teaching Today WI Winter 2021, Volume 1, Page 13