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2017 Dream Career Contest Results!

We at Teaching Today WI would like to say a big heart felt thank you to all of the students across Wisconsin who shared their ‘Dream Career’!

Once again this year, choosing was difficult. So many Dreams from so many wonderful students.


Click on the students' names below to read their entry!


The Wisconsin High School Winners are:

Sedona S. – Art Teacher, Mishicot High School

Morgan P. – Music Therapist, Northland Pines High School

Lindsay M. – Athletic Trainer, Luck High School

Breanna W. – Teacher Luck High School

Chance H. – Electrical Engineer , Northland Pines High School

Richard B. – Author, Bayfield High School


The Wisconsin High School Honorable Mentions are:

Molly T. – Agriscience Teacher, Mishicot High School

Cash E. – Dairy Farmer, Luck High School

Samuel L. – Startup Technology Venture Capitalist, Greendale High School

Alyssa H. – Nurse, Monticello High School

Carisa S. – Web Software Developer, Northland Pines High School

Nicole P. – Physical Therapist, Northland Pines High School


The Wisconsin High School ‘Special Shout Outs are:

Aaron X. – Journalism, Greendale High School

Alyssa F. – Environmental Educator, Luck High School

Damon M – Game Designer, Luck High School

Hadley K. – Politician, Northland Pines High School

Marissa L. – Dentist, Luck High School

Riley S. – Interarts, Mishicot High School


The Wisconsin Middle School Winners are:

Caden H. – Farmer, River Ridge School District

Angelica S. – Electrical Engineer, Cooper School Milwaukee

Callan P – Interior Designer, Altoona Middle School

Shayna G. – Guidance Teacher, River Ridge School District

Sherjeel A. – Aerospace Engineer, Cooper School Milwaukee

Nastasja R. – Computer Programmer, St. Sava Orthodox School Milwaukee


The Wisconsin Middle School Honorable Mentions are:

Brooklyn M. – Pediatric Endocrinologist, River Ridge School District

Jada Q. – Zoologist, Cooper School Milwaukee

Matthew N. – NBA & Sports Medicine Doctor, River Ridge School District

Riley B. – Counselor, Wisconsin Rapids

Shannon R. – Nurse Anesthetist, Cooper School Milwaukee

Ana J. – Neuropsychologist, St. Sava Orthodox School Milwaukee


The Wisconsin Middle School Shout Outs are:

Jacob S. – S Astronomer, Cooper School Milwaukee

Hailey K. – Computer Game Designer, River Ridge School District

Hani S. – Lawyer, Milwaukee Public Schools

Becky G. – Traveling, Luck Middle School

Owen C. – Hotshot Firefighter, River Ridge School District

Taylor M. – Veterinarian, Cooper School Milwaukee



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