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                     Bay link Manufacturing gives Students ‘real World’ Experience in

                     the Manufacturing Industry

                                                         manufacturing  and  engi-
                                                         neering.  They  may  also      “This girl Can” Workshop Series Aims to
                                                         be  prepared  to  enter  the
                                                         workforce in an entry-level             Engage girls in STEM fields
                                                             This    student-run     The Bay Link Manufacturing  program   Students  receive  high  school  credit  as  well
                                                         manufacturing  job  shop   at  West  High  School  is  doing  its  part  to   as  college  credit  upon  completion  of  the
                                                         provides   students  with   engage young women in exploring careers in   program.
                                                         opportunities   to   com-  the areas of manufacturing and engineering.   Since the inception of This Girl Can in
                                                         plete  projects  for  local   Each year, local girls are invited to take part   the 2016–17 school year, Belongia has seen
                                                         businesses  in  areas  of   in  a  free  workshop  series  called  “This  Girl   the benefits of introducing girls to the engi-
                                                         welding,  machine  fabrica-  Can.”  The  free  workshops  are  designed  to   neering and manufacturing fields. “Since we
                                                         tion,  and  metals.  Some  of   be engaging and educational, while exposing   started This Girl Can, it has been rewarding
                                                         the  equipment  capabilities   girls to the many career opportunities avail-  to  see  a  few  of  the  girls  enroll  in  our  Bay
                                                         include;  design/software,   able in our region.          Link Manufacturing  program when they are
                                                         CNC  machining,  manual     This Girl Can participants have created   old enough,” said Belongia. “This Girl Can
                                                         machining,  cutting  and   metal art using basic welding skills, wooden   allows students to get comfortable with a new
        Green Bay Area Public School District  welding.                          signs using a CNC machine, built garden beds   skill in a safe, controlled environment. Often
            Every  year,  juniors  and  seniors  in  the   Each summer, students have the oppor-  using carpentry skills, and many more excit-  they realize they are pretty good at welding,
        Green  Bay  Area  Public  School  District  are   tunity to work for Bay Link Manufacturing®.   ing projects. Girls in grades 7-9 are invited   and it opens up a whole new career path for
        invited to apply for the Bay Link Manufac-  Andy  Belongia,  Bay  Link  Manufacturing®   to attend the workshops with a special adult   them.”
        turing® program. Bay Link Manufacturing®   Coordinator,  hires  a  few  students  each  year   female. This person could be a mother, grand-  Belongia  would  like  to  see  more  girls
        gives  students  the  opportunity  to  gain  real   to keep the shop running through the summer   mother, older sister, aunt, female mentor, etc.   enroll in Bay Link Manufacturing , as the job
        world experience in manufacturing, engineer-  months.                        Andy Belongia is the instructor of Bay   opportunities in welding and manufacturing
        ing,  marketing,  and  business.  Recognizing   “There  is  no  formal  instruction  during   Link Manufacturing , a manufacturing learn-  in Wisconsin are plentiful. “Many of our Bay
        that the future depends on creating a highly   the summer, the students just know what we   ing  lab  for  students  located  in  West  High   Link Manufacturing ® students have a job in
        skilled workforce to sustain our vibrant com-  need to do and how to do it,” said Belongia.   School.  Bay  Link  is  equipped  to  complete   their  desired  field  right  out  of  high  school,
        munity,  the  Green  Bay  Area  Public  School   “They punch in; punch out just like a regular   projects for local companies in the areas of   and  some  work  while  they  attend  college
        District and it’s partners developed Bay Link   job.  It’s  more  laid  back  in  the  summer  and   industrial  welding,  machine  fabrication  and   to continue their education,” said Belongia.
        Manufacturing®  in  2014.  Students  receive   for that reason we need to have the right stu-  metals. Juniors and seniors at any Green Bay   “These  fields  offer  high-wage,  family-sup-
        high  school  credit  as  well  as  college  credit   dents.”            Area  Public  School  District  school  are  eli-  porting positions that you can make a career
        upon completion of the program.        Students  get  hands  on  experience  in   gible to apply for entrance into the program.   out of.”
            Bay  Link  Manufacturing  ®  is  a  high-  learning  to  produce  materials  and  projects
        precision manufacturing learning lab located   efficiently,  effectively  and  accurately.  There   school year is done. We can continue to keep   To  learn  more  about  Green  Bay  West’s
        at Green Bay West high School. The lab is   is  also  a  business  side  to  Bay  Link  Manu-  these relationships going all summer and con-  manufacturing  program,  visit
        equipped to complete projects for local com-  facturing® where students talk to customers   tinue to do the work for them,” said Belongia.   baylinkmanufacturing and follow them on Face-
        panies  in  the  areas  of  industrial  welding,   and make sales calls. “We do charge for the   Bay  Link  Manufacturing®,  both  as  a   book at
        machine  fabrication,  and  metals.  Through   work we do, so the money that we make goes   course  and  summer  employment,  is  a  great
        sales,  marketing,  accounting,  project  plan-  back into the program and the students then   addition to a student’s resume. By maintain-
        ning, bidding, purchase orders, and customer   receive  a  scholarship  based  off  our  profits,”   ing this program during the summer, students
        service, students also learn the business side   said Belongia.         continue  to  gain  experience  in  the  areas  of   (920) 448-2000
        of manufacturing. After being a part of Bay   Belongia’s  favorite  part  about  the   machining  and  manufacturing,  which  is
        Link Manufacturing®, students are prepared   program is the summer aspect of it. “We can   important  for  employers  who  are  looking  to
        to attend a 2 or 4 year college in the fields of   tell our customers that we don’t close once the   hire individuals with prior work experience.

                     “Other companies use their people to build a business,                                     FIND A CAREER
                 but at Johnsonville we use our business to build our people.”                                AT JOHNSONVILLE

           Johnsonville | PO Box 906 | Sheboygan Falls, WI | 53085 1-888-556-BRAT                 
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