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Careers in Motion — Construction
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               D.C. Everest Senior High Students Gain Critical Construction and First Aid Skills

                                                         tunities  and  developing
                                                         relationships  with  people   From Job Shadow to Post-graduate Apprenticeship
                                                         within  the  high-demand
                                                         industry. Local construction   Piquing Student Interest in the Construction Field
                                                         companies gain access to a   In February 2022, Kasey Woolley, then   tion projects from start to finish and determine
                                                         new generation of graduates   a junior at D.C. Everest Senior High, partici-  which  opportunities  best  suited  her  career
                                                         who are singularly prepared   pated in a day-long job shadowing experience   aspirations. As  the  day  drew  to  a  close,  her
                                                         to take on the challenges of   with a construction company that covered an   interest was piqued by the experience and she
                                                         the workplace. And families   array of career paths available within that busi-  spoke  with  company  representatives  about
                                                         in  need  have  the  opportu-  ness. The day began with a pre-task structural   Youth Apprenticeship opportunities.
                                                         nity  to  raise  their  families   steel  placement  meeting  focused  on  ensur-  Fast forward to September 2022. Kasey,
                                                         within a custom-built home,   ing all the necessary elements were in place   now a DCE senior enrolled in the Carpentry
                                                         providing a sense of stabil-  prior to the task starting. She then visited a job   Unit with the school’s Architecture and Con-
                                                         ity  that  can  be  a  stepping   site where she could view the various trades   struction  career  pathway,  signed  with  the
                                                         stone to future success.  in  action  —  including  electrical,  carpentry,   company as a Youth Apprentice. on Septem-
                                                             During  the  past  16   HVAC,  pipe  fitting,  and  insulation.  During   ber 12, she officially started her apprenticeship
                                                         years,  the  collaborative   the  job  site  visit,  she  had  an  opportunity  to   and began working through late November at
                                                         partnership  between  the   speak with apprentices and journeymen about   a jobsite in Plover. She has since transitioned
                                                         DCE  Senior  High  and   the classroom and on-site training necessary   to  working  on  the  new  DCE  Administra-
                                                         Habitat  for  Humanity  of   for their chosen careers. During the final stop   tion building that is being constructed by the
                                                         Wausau  has  grown  and   of the day, they visited a jobsite in Hancock   company on the grounds near the DCE Senior
        Michelle Rothmeyer
        Coordinator of Communications       evolved due to expanded student interest and   where  laborers  were  pouring  concrete  and   High. She has enjoyed working with numer-
        D.C. Everest Area School District   student preparedness. The DCE Senior High’s   testing  placed  materials,  carpenters  were   ous  trades  on  the  job  sites  and  is  currently
                                            new Tech Ed wing — which mirrors 21st-cen-
            The D.C. Everest Senior High’s sixteen-  tury  advanced  manufacturing  facilities  with   forming footings and foundation walls, exca-  helping to set the foundation of the building
                                                                                                                   and insulating pipes — helping construct the
                                                                                 vators were preparing the site, and surveyors
        year partnership with Habitat for Humanity of   its spacious, sunlit interior stocked with state-  were establishing working points.   building from the ground up.
        Wausau  has  provided  numerous  benefits  for   of-the  art  technologies,  tools  and  machinery   because  the  job  shadowing  experience   Kasey's  Youth  Apprenticeship  position
        students, the local construction industry, and   —  has  drawn  more  students  to  courses  in   provided her with a comprehensive overview   has  helped  cement  her  plans  beyond  high
        the  community.  Students  gain  one-of-a-kind   the  construction  field.  So  has  the  expanded   of preconstruction, project management, and   school.    Upon  graduation,  she  will  imme-
        work experience that can’t be duplicated within                          onsite  construction  processes,  she  was  able   diately  enter  into  the  Carpentry  Registered
        a  classroom  while  exploring  career  oppor-
                                                          Continued on Page 9    to  gain  a  sense  of  the  lifecycle  of  construc-  Apprenticeship program.

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