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        Wisconsin Schools Successfully Passed Their Referendums in April for New

        and Existing Building and Grounds Updates

        Ashwaubenon School District:        Dodgeland School District:          ing approximately 16.5 acres of related land   Nekoosa Area School District:
            $10,050,000  —  Facility           Initial resolution authoriz-     located  at  534  Sunset  Drive,  elkhorn,  Wis-  $2,900,000 — Replace the
                                                                                consin;  and  renovating  and  equipping  the
        improvement  projects  across       ing  general  obligation  bonds     building.                          track,  replace  football/soccer
        the  District  including:  repairs   in  an  amount  not  to  exceed                                       field,  update  the  softball  field,
        to the High School track repair,    $17,000,000. This  is  for  infra-  Johnson Creek School District:     improve  other  athletic  infra-
        Cormier and Pioneer School safety improve-  structure  updates,  remodeling  of  learning   $15,000,000   —   Con-  structure.
        ment, asbestos abatement in various schools,   environments and classroom addition.  structing  and  equiping  a  new
        repairing Pioneer foundation issues, replacing                         elementary  school  addition  to    New Holstein School District:
        gym lights, student mental health, and air con-  Elk Mound Area School District:  the existing middle/high school   $8,000,000 — Renovate the
        ditioning in Pioneer, Valley View and the High   $15,730,000  —  For  dis-  and making related site improvements.   elementary  school,  high  school
        School.                             trict-wide school improvement                                          science classrooms, site improve-
                                            project  consisting  of:  safety,   Mequon-Thiensville School District:  ments,  purchase  of  furnishings,  fixtures,  and
        Baldwin-Woodville Area School District:  security, site and athletic facil-  $55,700,000 — Referendum      equipment.
            $12,500,000  —  Facility        ity improvements; updates to building systems   for the purpose of paying the cost
        upgrades including: building an     and remodeling district facilities; upgrades to   of a District-wide school facilities   Oostburg School District:
        outdoor  swimming  pool  with       the  STeAM  and  technical  education  areas;   improvement  project  consisting   $7,500,000 — Renovations
        dome  for  year-round  use,  ath-   construction  of  additions  for  a  band  room,   of: District-wide safety, security, site and ADA   and remodeling for a theater in
        letic fields, a track, concession/  a  weight  room  and  renovated  locker  rooms   improvements  and  renovations;  construction   the current gymnasium location
        locker room building, a parking lot and related   at the High School and a new gymnasium at   of  additions  at  the  Elementary  and  Middle   and expansion of the library and
        site improvements.                  the Middle School; renovation of the current   Schools  and  acquisitions  of  furnishings,  fix-  cafeteria/kitchen; construction of an addition
                                            Middle School gymnasium to repurpose it into   tures and equipment.    for  a  new  gymnasium,  fitness/weight  room
        Columbus School District:           additional classrooms; and acquisition of fur-                         and  classrooms;  updates  to  the  office  and
            $30,000,000  —  Facili-         nishings, fixtures and equipmen    Neenah Area School District:        entry to enhance safety and security; build-
        ties  improvements  to  the                                                $114,900,000 — Construct        ing  infrastructure  and  site  improvements;
        elementary  and  high  school;      Elkhorn Area School District:      a new high school, district-wide    and  acquisition  of  furnishings,  fixtures  and
        maintenance and infrastructure         $6,920,000  —  For  the         safety  and  security,  renovating   equipment.
        improvements at all district buildings, acquisi-  public  purpose  of  purchasing   the existing high school to convert it into an
        tion of land; and acquisition of furnishings and   a  building  and  site  known  as   intermediate school and a middle school.
        equipment.                          the  St.  Patrick  School,  includ-                                                  Continued on Page 6
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