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        Electronic Edition:                                                   Manufacturing Today Wisconsin | fall, 2020 | page 5

                         Arrowhead Technology and Engineering

                         reaching their vision one student at a time

        Arrowhead High School               great!  When  asked  about  what  sparked  his   student interested in Manufacturing at a young
            Arrowhead   High   School   students   interest in metals fabrication and welding, he   age  because  of  all  the  current  career  oppor-
        embrace  the  opportunities  of  tomorrow   said  that  taking Arrowhead’s  Manufacturing   tunities. Once students enroll in our program
        through learning skills in our Technology and   with Engineering and Materials (MEM) class   they are hooked — engaged and excited. We
        Engineering program today! Students graduat-  as  a  sophomore,  he  discovered  that  he  was   expose  them  to  so  many  different  potential
        ing from Arrowhead High School in the next   good at welding. From there, with the advice   careers  starting  as  early  as  freshmen  year.
        several  years  will  have  access  to  hundreds   from his teachers, he signed      Our  students  understand
        of  career  opportunities  in  skilled  trades  and   up  for  Metals  Fabrication   what it takes to design, plan,
        manufacturing. In 2014–15 Arrowhead estab-  and  in  November  secured               program  and  manufacture
        lished the vision to better serve the students   a job at a full-service large       real products.”
        and help foster the regional economy by intro-  weldment  and  large  fabri-            The future continues to
        ducing students to design and engineering and   cation  manufacturer.  He  is        look  bright  for  Arrowhead
        the connections to manufacturing. This vision   proud  of  what  he  has  been       students  who  enroll  in  the
        becomes more and more a reality each school   working on so far — includ-            Technology  and  Engineer-  management,  maintaining  equipment,  and
        year.                               ing  a  staircase  for  Google!                  ing! With the new renovated   everything else it takes to run a business.
            Arrowhead  Metals  Fabrication  student,   When asked about what he              NC  Metals  lab  and  class-  Students  earn  both  profit  sharing,
        Matt Hopener embodies the spirit of this vision   enjoys  about  metals  fabri-      room   and   equipment   scholarships,  and  credit  toward  high  school
        and the future of manufacturing. He likes tech-  cation  and  welding,  “I  like     upgrades  like  a Accurshear   graduation.
        nology  and  the  idea  of  building  something   knowing that I am working          and CNC Mill.             Interested  in  investing  in  the  future?
                                            on   something   different                          The  school  is  really   Business and manufacturers that are interested
                                            every  day,  I  like  to  create                 excited to offer a new busi-  in partnering with Arrowhead should contact
                                            things  and  see  the  results                   ness  and  manufacturing   Anthony  Christian:  “Our  program  continues
                                            of what I have done.” Matt                       experience Warhawk Manu-  to transform as it reflects modern manufactur-
                                            is  going  to  continue  in  the Arrowhead  Tech   facturing is a class offered at Arrowhead High   ing  with  exceptional  learning  environments.
                                            and Engineering Program as senior as Youth   School. The class meets for two class periods   As  spaces  are  revised  and  new  equipment
                                            Apprentice and plans to take a welding course   every day and is instructed by Anthony Chris-  becomes available,we are able to push our cur-
                                            in college after graduation.        tian  and  Jeff  Luetchwager.  Together  they   riculum to the next level. Without the support
                                                Mr. Jeff Luetschwager, Wisconsin Tech-  are  leading  students,  teaching  lifelong  skills   of our industry partners, we would not be able
                                            nology  Education  Association  Award  of   in  engineering,  manufacturing,  and  busi-  to meet the vision of Technology Education at
                                            Excellence  2019  recipient  AND  Arrowhead   ness. These students  must  learn the in’s  and   Arrowhead.”
                                            teacher said “We’re really trying hard to spark   out’s of running a business. Ninety percent of   For  more  information  about  Warhawk
                                                                                all profits will be split up at the end of the year   Manufacturing visit https://warhawkmanufac-
                                                                                and given to the students as scholarships. Stu-
        31 Wisconsin School Districts awarded                                   dents will use previously learned skills from
                                                                                other  classes  that  will  help  them  contribute
        fab lab grants                                                          to  the  success  of  the  business.  The  student
                                                                                employees  will  be  responsible  for  quoting
                                                                                                                             (262) 369-3612
        Continued from page 1                                                   jobs,  ordering  material,  manufacturing  parts,
                                                                                quality control, shipping, receiving, invoicing,
                                                                                customer service, accounting, payroll, project
          •  School District of Mauston, $15,000  •  Lake holcombe School District, $25,000
          •  New Lisbon School District, $9,700  •  School District of New Berlin, $19,000
          •  Somerset School District, $25,000  •  Cedarburg School District, $25,000
          •  Waupun Area School District, $25,000  •  Elkhorn Area School District, $13,500  Omro High School Wins National
          •  Pewaukee School District, $25,000  •  School District of Mishicot, $22,200
          •  School District of Poynette, $23,900  •  Westby Area School District, $25,000  Samsung ‘Solve for Tomorrow’ Contest
          •  Elmbrook Schools, $25,000          The 31 public school districts are receiv-  Continued from page 1
          •  School District of Drummond, $13,200  ing  a  total  of  $693,200  in  Fab  Labs  Grants   will continue to work on the prototype. They   guiding you on a journey learning of how the
          •  Wauwatosa School District, $25,000  from WEDC. Individual school districts were   applied for a grant program from MIT which   world is,” he said. “It’s not just the big schools
          •  School District of Mondovi, $25,000  eligible  for  up  to  $25,000,  and  consortiums   could help them refine the prototype and work   that come up with really good ideas. It’s about
          •  Oshkosh Area School District, $25,000  of two or more districts were eligible for up   toward opportunities for patents.  letting kids run with their creativity.”
                                            to  $50,000.  The  program  requires  matching
          •  Washington  Island  School  District,   funds from each district.     When  asked  how  the  prize  money  and   This  is  not  the  first  time  Omro  high
            $25,000                             WEDC  received  31  applications,  which   equipment  will  be  used,  Turner  said  that   School has advanced to the final portion of the
          •  Eau Claire Area School District, $25,000  were evaluated based on readiness and long-  $50,000 will go toward new Samsung brand   contest. In 2017–18, another group of Turner’s
                                                                                                                    students made it to the top 10.
          •  School District of Omro, $25,000  range  planning,  curriculum,  business  and   materials,  and  the  other  $50,000  will  go
                                                                                toward  classroom  supplies  as  they  continue
          •  Coleman School District, $25,000  community  partnerships,  financial  need  and   the process of creating a fabrication lab in the   Reprinted from the Wisconsin DPI ConnectEd
          •  School  District  of  Random  Lake,   previous awards.             district.
                                                In  addition  to  the  grants,  WEDC  has
            $25,000                         developed  a  fab  labs  resource  page  on  its   Turner  is  equally  excited  about  next
          •  union  Grove  union  high  School  Dis-  website  that  provides  districts  with  informa-  year’s  students  and  the  competition.  “Every
            trict, $25,000                  tion and a video on how to set up and equip   year, I’m amazed at the ideas they come up   (920) 303-2302
          •  Elkhart  Lake-Glenbeulah  School  Dis-  a fab lab, how to implement best practices to   with. I’m in the background helping them. I’m
            trict, $22,200                  ensure a successful fab lab and more.   less of a person that stands up there and tells
                                                                                you how the world is and more of a person
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