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                     A Teacher's Journey: Learning by Doing

            Probably  every  teacher  has  a  heard  a   munity to showcase their talents and market   for students.   Zak  also  uses  humor.  If  a  student  is
        student ask, “Why do we need to learn this?”   themselves  and  their  employability  skills,”   The bottom line is that work-based learn-  holding a hammer close to the head, he’ll hand
        And   teachers                      says Zak.                           ing is a powerful motivator, not just for Zak’s   the  student  a  hammer  with  a  short,  sawed-
        know the closer                        Last  year  with  the  help  of  his  depart-  students, but for ALL students. So much so,   off handle, saying, “If you’re going to use a
        they  come  to                      ment, Zak started a SkillsUSA chapter, giving   that Zak uses work-based learning opportuni-  hammer like that, I’m going to give you a short
        providing   a                       students another way to showcase their skills.   ties as a carrot to teach the professional skills   one.” besides getting a chuckle, it gets the kid
        real-world  sce-                    “All my Tech Club kids joined SkillsUSA and   students will need to earn a youth apprentice-  to consider that maybe he or she is using the
        nario,  the  more                   then they talked to their buddies about Skills   ship.                 tool  incorrectly.  Less  talking,  more  doing,
        likely  students                    after our first competition,” he says. “And we   Susan relates that, one day as she stood   delivers the message.
        are  to  grasp  a                   just started growing.”              nearby, one of his students, who was waiting   Zak’s  program  is  growing,  and  he  is
        concept   and                          A big attraction for all Mosinee students   to  hear  whether  he’d  been  accepted  into  the   learning  by  doing,  too.  He’s  growing  along
        engage  in  the                     is  work-based  learning  including  the  Youth   Youth Apprenticeship Program, made an off-  with  his  students  in  enthusiasm,  determina-
        subject. Zak Kachel is on his own real-world   Apprenticeship  Program.  He  credits  Susan   color joke to another student.  tion, caring, knowing where to draw the line,
        journey. Now in his third year as a Technology   Swinick,  a  Family  and  Consumer  Science   “Zak just pulled him aside and wrote him   with a little humor mixed in. And he’s grateful
        and Engineering education teacher (gr. 8-12)   Teacher  and  Mosinee’s  School-to-Work   up  immediately,”  says  Susan.  “It’s  not  like   for the team around him.
        for the Mosinee School District, he is quickly   Coordinator,  for  nearly  a  third  of  Mosinee’s   he was barking at him,” she explains. but he   “As  long  as  we  can  stay  committed  to
        learning how to engage his students.  students  signing  on  for  placements  in  work-  wants his students to understand the implica-  the passion that we all have for the kids and
            “First  thing  I  did  here  was  I  started  a   based learning.   tions of their words and actions. According to   wanting  to  see  them  succeed,  I  don't  think
        woodworking  club,”  says  Zak.  “We  called   Mosinee  currently  has  four  regional   Susan, he is very good at providing real-life   there's  anything  stopping  this  from  growing
        it Tech Club. And we work with community   career   path-               scenarios.  Instead  of  telling  the  student  to   leaps and bounds,” says Zak.
        members to produce products.”       ways: advanced                      make a change, he gets the student to see the   Article courtesy of the WI DPI
            one of their bigger projects was building   manufacturing;          need for change.
        a 13-foot-by-17-foot sign for the local brewery   architecture and         In this case, he explained to the student
        in town. Built out of the original flooring in   construction;          that his comment would be considered sexual
        their  business,  the  job  called  on  students  to   digital  technol-  harassment and asks, “What do you think is
        glue the floorboards to plywood and use the   ogy; and patient          going to happen in that situation?”
        CNC router, among other hands-on steps. Stu-  care.  but  even
        dents loved the project and came in on their   if a career inter-
        own time in the summer to help finish it.  est  is  outside             D.C. Everest Senior High Students Gain
            “They wanted to be in here working, and   these  pathways—such  as  interior  design  or
        I wanted to get them connected with the com-  veterinary  science—Susan  finds  connections   Critical Construction and First Aid Skills

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                                                                                curriculum,  which  includes  Architectural   bleeding control, including applying a tourni-
                                                                                Design (DE), math, physics, Computer Aided   quet, packing a wound, and holding pressure
                                                                                Drafting,  Advanced  Computer  Aided  Draft-  over  a  wound.  “This  training  will  provide
                                                                                ing,  Construction,  Construction  Trades  and   our  students  with  instruction  so  they  can
                                                                                a  series  of  Wood  Manufacturing  courses.   provide  immediate  care  for  serious  wounds
                                                                                “All of these factors ensure our students can   and injuries that could occur in or around a
                                                                                productively  contribute  to  the  Habitat  for   construction  site,”  states  Wegge.  “our  Con-
                                                                                Humanity  mission,”  notes  Aaron  Hoffman,   struction Trades  students  will  gain  a  unique
                                                                                DCE  Career  and Technical  Education  Coor-  skill  set  in  treating  severe  injuries  that  will
                                                                                dinator. “Students begin by learning the basic   help them be better prepared for emergency
                                                                                principles  related  to  construction  but  can   situations on the job site.”
                                                                                progress to more advanced principles thanks   Currently  a  dozen  Construction  Trades
                                                                                to  our  expanded  curriculum.  our  new  Tech   students  are  working  on  the  Habitat  for
                                                                                Ed  wing  also  provides  them  with  access  to   Humanity  house,  sealing  up  the  house  for
                                                                                computer-integrated technologies that ensure   winter  conditions.  With  the  framework  for
                                                                                they are better prepared for a real-world work   the house completed and the outer walls and
                                                                                environment.”                       roof installed, students will focus on interior
                                                                                    To  work  on  the  construction  of  the   construction projects — interior walls, electri-
                                                                                Habitat for Humanity house, students must be   cal, plumbing, insulation, drywall — during
                                                                                enrolled in Construction Trades. Last year, a   the winter months. This year’s class includes
                                                                                new facet was added to the course: First Aid   two female students, the second time in recent
                                                                                and  CPR  certification.  One  hundred  percent   years  when  young  women  have  joined  the
                                                                                of Construction Trades students earned their   team. “A primary focus of our recent renova-
                                                                                certification.  This  year’s  students  are  in  the   tions has been to create learning spaces that
                                                                                process of finalizing their First Aid and CPR   are welcoming to all learners.  both of these
                                                                                certifications and in Spring 2023 they will be   young women are inspiring younger students
                                                                                trained in a new Stop the bleed course. Karen   as  we  continue  to  expand  on  this  positive
                                                                                Wegge,  DCE  Physical  Education/Health/  trend,” added Hoffman.
                                                                                AoDA Coordinator, secured funding from the
                                                                                D.C. Everest Education Foundation to provide
                                                                                Stop  the  bleed  training  for  DCE  staff  and
                                                                                Construction  Trades  students.  The  program
                                                                                provides  instruction  on  the  techniques  of
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