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                   Sun Prairie Students Getting a Head Start in Health Care

                                                                                assistant.  The  students
                                                                                have  up  to  a  year  from
                                                                                the  end  of  this  semester
                                                                                to take their state exam.
                                                                                   Some  students  said
                                                                                they  joined  the  class
                                                                                to  begin  their  health
                                                                                care  journey  because
                                                                                they  want  to  be  better
                                                                                equipped to help people.
                                                                                   “I  want  to  go  to
                                                                                medical school for pedi-
                                                                                atrics  to  work  with  kids
                                                                                because  I  want  to  help
                                                                                them  and  just  help  the
                                                                                world be a better place,”
            Ten students at Sun Prairie West High   percent effort. If you want to actually pursue   CNA  student  Nathan
        School  wrapped  up  their  dual  enrollment   a career in this, you have to be dedicated.”  Tedjakusuma said.
        course at the end of last semester to become   The students complete mandatory labs   Te d j a k u s u m a ’s
        a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA).  and clinicals in order to pass the class. Labs   classmate,   Bella  Aisha Kebbeh uses a gate belt to transfer classmate Olivia Norton
            They are training to be CNAs and are   run for three hours at a time after school and   Navarrete,  had  a  similar   from the hospital bed to wheelchair
        earning  college  credit  while  still  in  high   give  students  the  opportunity  to  practice   response.  The nursing assistant class is a prerequi-
        school.                             their skills learned in the online instruction.  “I joined this class because I want to be   site for any students wanting to get into their
            Family and Consumer Sciences teacher   Following labs, each student completes   a trauma nurse or surgeon in an emergency   nursing programs. It’s also a stepping stone
        Jordan  Leider  said.  “In  order  to  be  certi-  24  hours  of  clinicals  at  a  rehabilitation   room,”  Navarrete  said.  “I  like  hands-on   to many other health care professions. The
        fied by the state to run a class like this, we   clinic  under  the  supervision  of  a  college   work and helping people.”  students in the class have a diverse range of
        needed the hospital beds, sinks, and a certain   nursing instructor and staff nurses. Students   According to Leider, not many schools   goals and aspirations for themselves in the
        level of equipment. We also have full-sized   complete these hours on weekends or week-  offer a dual enrollment program to become a   future, from careers in sports medicine and
        geriatric manikins.”                nights.                             CNA as young as 16 years old.      nurse  practitioner,  to  trauma  surgeon  and
            Students  learn  and  practice  important   “Clinical experience is vital at a young   “A lot of schools that have it will send   pediatrics.
        skills  needed  in  the  workforce  to  be  able   age,”  Leider  said.  “Our  district  covers  a   their kids over to a technical college rather
        to  attend  to  a  patient’s  everyday  needs.   majority  of  the  costs  of  the  course  includ-  than have the college come to them,” Leider   Courtesy of the WI DPI and the origi-
        This  includes  repositioning  a  patient  in   ing  tuition,  books  and  test  reimbursement.   said.    nal story by Jeromey Hodsdon ran in the Sun
        their  bed,  bathing,  dressing,  transporting   This can save students close to $1,000 out   Multiple students agreed and said they   Prairie Star on January 13, 2023.
        a  patient,  taking  blood  pressures,  tempera-  of pocket and set them up with a job/career   have many friends in other school districts
        tures, feeding and maintaining the patient’s   option  starting  $20  plus  an  hour  in  a  very   that wish they had a class like this.
        hygiene.  The  students  practice  these  skills   high-need position.”    “I feel very fortunate that we get to do
        on each other in class.                 All 10 students did well this last semes-  this,” CNA student Anya Yang said. “I have
            “This  class  requires  commitment   ter and passed their labs and clinicals. They   friends that go to other schools that want to
        and  dedication,”  CNA  student  Ashwath   can now register to take the state exam that   do something like this but it isn’t offered so
        vijayaraghavan said. “You can’t just give 50   would  officially  certify  them  as  a  nursing   I feel really lucky.”

        oconomowoc High School Students take

        Virtual Field trip Inside the Human Heart

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        to the operating room, and ask real-time ques-  sionist was, but after attending the field trip, I
        tions to various members of the surgical team.  will be considering that career while going on
            The  students  were  captivated  by  the   to college.”
        experience.  Chelsea,  a  12th  grade  student,   The field trip was facilitated by the health
        said,  “I  enjoyed  hearing  the  descriptions  of   sciences teachers and administrative assistants
        the surgical team talking through and showing   at Oconomowoc High School. The high school
        what  they  were  doing.  I  was  in  awe  while   has been offering this opportunity to students
        watching  the  vein  get  sutured  to  the  heart.   for a few years and hopes to continue as long
        Watching the scope view of the vein extrac-  as it’s on offer.
        tion was amazing. I had no idea how intense   Courtesy of the WI DPI
        and physically demanding surgery can be for
        the surgical team!”
            Olivia,  another  12th  grade  student  who
        took  part,  said,  “Learning  about  the  various
        occupations  involved  in  heart  surgery  was
        very interesting. I had no idea what a perfu-
                                                                                          Bella Navarette provides oral care to fellow CNA student Anya Yang
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