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Careers in Motion
        teaching today Wisconsin | fall 2022, Volume 1                                                                                         page 9

                                                    The 2021-22 Teaching Today WI
               Dream Career Essay Contest Winners

                                                                                Rachel M. L. Agriculture/Veterinarian  Zoey N. — Children’s Therapist
                                                                                Cornell High School                River Ridge Middle School
                                                                                Marijke de V. — Architect          Tyler J. M. — A Builder
                                                                                Arrowhead Union High School        River Ridge Middle School
                                                                                                                   Hailey M. — Actress
                                                                                High School Honorable              Bay View Middle School
                                                                                Mentions:                          Addalyn B. — Astronaut
                                                                                                                   Bay View Middle School
                                                                                Annie B. — Criminal Justice, and
                                                                                Psychology                         Griffin S. — Mechanic
                                                                                Arrowhead Union High School        Bay View Middle School
                                                                                Nina A. — Nurse
                                                                                Arrowhead Union High School        Middle School Honorable
                                                                                Allison M. — Cyber Security Analyst   Mentions:
                                                                                Prairie Du Chien High School
                                                                                                                   Ella M. — Ultrasound Technician
            Thank you again to all of the high school   High School Winners:    William D. — Electrician           Bay View Middle School
        and  middle  school  students  that  shared  their                      Cornell High School
        Dream Careers with us! Thank you again to   Cheyanne T. — Psychologist                                     Ava N. — Sports and a Personal Trainer
        the teachers who inspire them!      Prairie du Chien High School        Jadyn G. — Doctor                  River Ridge Middle School
            Choosing  the  Winning  and  honorable   Brandon G. — Actuary       Prairie du Chien High School       Reese M. — Personal Care Aide
        Mention entries is always a very difficult task.   Ronald Reagan High School   Jack B. — Engineering       River Ridge Middle School
        Some entries bring a laugh, a smile and even                            Arrowhead Union High School        Anna K. — Police Officer
        a tear. What has really stood out has been the   Nathan G. — Automotive Service                            River Ridge Middle School
        passion,  sincerity,  and  heart  that  is  present   Technician        Middle School Winners:
        in  the  words  from  so  many  of  these  young   Arrowhead Union High School                             Cassidy G. — Photographer
        people.This competition is open to all Wisconsin   Khloe K. — Greenhouse Business  Stella B. — Mental Health Counselor   Bay View Middle School
        middle school and high school students. It is held   Cornell High School   River Ridge Middle School       Peighton L. — Interior Designer
        annually from September until early January.                                                               Bay View Middle School

        it’s fafSa time again

        What is the fafSa?                      FAFSA  using  the  IRS  Data  Retrieval
            To  apply  for  federal  student  aid,  such   •  Bank statements and records of invest-
        as federal grants, work-study, and loans, you   ments (if applicable)
        need  to  complete  the  Free  Application  for   •  Records of untaxed income (if applica-
        Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®). Completing   ble)
        and submitting the FAFSA is free and easier
        than ever, and it gives you access to the largest   •  An FSA ID to sign electronically.
        source  of  financial  aid  to  pay  for  college  or   If you are a dependent student, then you
        career school.                      will also need most of the above information
            In addition, many states and colleges use   for your parent(s).
        your  FAFSA  information  to  determine  your
        eligibility for state and school aid, and some   What is an fSa iD?
        private financial aid providers may use your
        FAFSA information to determine whether you   The FSA ID (account username and pass-
        qualify for their aid.              word) allows students and parents to identify
                                                                                                                       Because  of  the  variation  in  state  and
                                            themselves  electronically  to  access  Federal   fafSa  Deadlines (2022–23)  college  deadlines,  it’s  highly  recommended
        What will I need to fill out the    Student Aid websites.                  To be considered for federal student aid   that you fill out the FAFSA form as soon as
                                                While you aren’t required to have an FSA
        fafSa?                              ID to complete and submit a FAFSA form, it’s   for  the  2022–23  award  year,  you  can  com-  you can after Oct. 1 to ensure that you don’t
                                            the  fastest  way  to  sign  your  application  and   plete  a  Free Application  for  Federal  Student   miss out on available aid.
            To  complete  the  Free  Application  for   have  it  processed.  It’s  also  the  only  way  to   Aid  (FAFSA )  form  between  Oct.  1,  2021,   For all things FASA go to https://studen-
        Federal Student Aid (FAFSA ), you will need:  access or correct your information online or to   and  11:59  p.m.  Central  time  (CT)  on  June
          •  Your Social Security Number    prefill an online FAFSA form with information   30, 2023. Any FAFSA corrections or updates
          •  Your Alien Registration Number (if you   from your previous year’s FAFSA form.  must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. CT on Sept.
            are not a u.S. citizen)             Parents: If you previously created an FSA   9, 2023.
          •  Your federal income tax returns, W-2s,   ID when you were a student, you don’t need   however, many states and colleges have
            and  other  records  of  money  earned.   to create another one. You can only have one   earlier  deadlines  for  applying  for  state  and
            (Note: You may be able to transfer your   FSA ID linked to your Social Security number.  institutional  financial  aid.  Check  with  your
            federal tax return information into your                            college or career school about its deadlines.
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