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            This  October,  the  Center  for   whether  you  are  interested  in  learn-  •  virtual exhibit hall and career fair
         Energy  Workforce  Development,  is   ing  in  school  or  on-the-job,  energy   •  Networking lounges and exhibits
         holding a free virtual career event for   employers are seeking thinkers and tin-  •  Panel-hosted breakout sessions
         anyone interested in careers in Energy.   kerers,  STeM  enthusiasts,  those  who
            EnergyCareers2020,  will  bring   want  to  work  with  their  hands,  those   •  Chat Rooms that let you interact
         students,  veterans,  career  changers,   interested  in  protecting  our  nation’s   “real-time” with men and women
         women,  and  those  under-represented   resources  and  men  and  women  who   who work in the industry today.
         in  today’s  workforce  together  virtu-  want to serve their communities.   If  you  are  exploring  careers  that
         ally on October 21 to discover careers   Via a virtual platform, this event   offer meaningful work, protecting our
         in  energy.  Curious  about  what  a  gas   will showcase the vast array of careers   nation’s resources and supporting local
         technician or a nuclear engineer does?   in  energy,  highlighting  job  opportu-  communities,  you’ll  want  to  attend
         What about the men and women who   nities  for  today  and  career  paths  for   EnergyCareers 2020.
         restore power after storms and natural   tomorrow. Industry leaders will present   For more information or to regis-
         disasters?                    the  breadth  of  career  pathways,  ben-  ter for this virtual event, go to:
            EnergyCareers  2020  will  over-  efits,  and  networking  guideance. This
         view  of  all  these  careers  and  more   program includes:
         than one hundred others. Whether you   •  High-energy general session with   energycareers2020
         want to work in the field or in an office,   noted presenters

         What Energy Career is Right for You?                                    Lineworker                         Mechanical Engineer
                                                                                    Lineworkers  install  and  repair   Mechanical  engineers  in  the
                                                                                 cables, wires, and other critical trans-  energy  industry  design  and  operate
                                                                                 mission  and  distribution  equipment   fossil fuel, hydroelectric, conventional,
                                                                                 that  help  power  homes,  businesses,   nuclear,  and  cogeneration  power
                                                                                 hospitals, schools, etc. Other common   plants. They are involved in all aspects
                                                                                 titles  include:  Line  Installer  and  Line   of  the  production  and  conversion
                                                                                 Technician.                        of  energy  from  one  form  to  another.
                                                                                 Median annual salary: $69,380      Mechanical engineers are responsible
                                                                                                                    for  the  design  of  Gas  Transmission
                                                                                                                    and Distribution main and service net-
                                                                                                                    works, including the identification and
                                                                                 Plant Operator                     siting of required metering and regulat-
                                                                                    Plant  Operators  are  in  charge  of   ing stations. Mechanical engineers are
            energy careers offer job stability, hands-                           operating  and  controlling  the  equip-  also involved in exciting projects such
         on work, and opportunities for advancement.   Utility Technician        ment  that  generates  power  in  coal,   as  developing  alternatives  to  thermal
         There are a wide range of careers available   Utility Technicians include jobs like   nuclear, gas, and other power plants.  energy, power cycle devices, fuel cells,
         in the energy industry, all highly rewarding,   Electricians,  Boilermakers,  Substation   Median annual salary: $79,860  gas  turbines,  and  innovative  uses  of
         in-demand, and providing excellent opportu-  Mechanics, Meter Technicians, Natural                         coal, wind, and tidal flow.
         nities for growth and success.      Gas Service Specialists, Solar Electric                                Median annual salary: $85,880
            Wondering  which  types  of  energy  jobs   Installers and Technicians, and Energy
         might be best suited for you? Take a career   Auditors.                 Environmental Engineers
         quiz  to  find  a  good  match  based  on  your   These jobs provide hands-on work   An  environmental  engineer  devel-
         preferences.  Do  you  like  working  outdoors   opportunities  including  installation  of   ops  techniques  to  recover  usable
         or indoors? Do you enjoy problem-solving?   equipment, monitoring equipment per-  materials  and  reduce  waste  created   Gas Technician
         Working with your hands? Do you keep up   formance,  troubleshooting  problems,   during  manufacture  of  a  product,   Gas Technicians lay pipe for steam
         with the latest in technology? The questions   and repairing equipment. Overall, you   including  energy.  They  also  design  air   and/or gas mains and are essential for
         in the quiz will help direct you to an energy-  would  be  in  charge  of  making  sure   pollution  control  for  power  compa-  the smooth operation of both electric
         sector job that might be just right for you.  machines, mechanical equipment, and   nies  and  may  also  be  responsible  for   and gas utilities. Another common job
            Take the quiz at:                buildings are working properly and in   monitoring systems in a facility for com-  title is Valve and Regulator Repairer.
      good condition.                     pliance with environmental regulations.  Median annual salary: $41,187
                                             Median annual salary: $49,450       Median annual salary: $86,800
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