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        Kennedy Middle School Technology & PLTW Education Changing with the Times

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        composition, and editing. They will then expe-  eling  software  to  design  and  perform  CAD
        rience the teamwork of multi-camera Television   Drawings  of  a  Car  and  boat  vehicle.  Stu-
        Production by planning, performing and filming   dents will fabricate their car and boat vehicle
        a game show in one take. The stop-motion ani-  design and perform weight to speed ratio tests.
        mation unit will explore the filmmaking process   Students will design a Product to 3D Print, uti-
        including set building and storytelling. Students   lizing the 3D Modeling Software. Students will
        will  also  build  a  working  paper  plate  micro-  create a Graphics Design for constructing a 3”
        phone/speaker to learn about electrical aspects   button. Critical thinking, teamwork and prob-
        of communication.                   lem-solving skills are incorporated throughout
        Manufacturing (7th & 8th Grade)     the  course.  Students  will  organize  a  Portfolio
            Students  will  perform  Plastic  Castings   including all of their activities.
        to create a Football tee, Giant Clothes Pin and   Design & Modeling (B) (8th Grade) (PLTW)
        Flexible  Frog.  Students  will  perform  Plastic   Students will utilize the PLTW 3-D mod-
        Injection Molding to create a screwdriver set,   eling  software  to  design  and  perform  CAD
        Rotational Molding to create a bank and Plastic   Drawings of a Mag-Lev and Airplane vehicle.
        Vacuum  Forming  to  create  a  mold  design  for   Students will fabricate their Mag-Lev and Air-  various  types  of  circuits.  Students  will  learn   Robotics  b  is  a  continuation  of  the  A
        candy  making.  Students  will  perform  Plastic   plane  vehicle  design  and  perform  speed  ratio   about spaceflight and aerodynamics by building   course with an emphasis on programming. First,
        Thermoforming to create a Clear picture frame.   tests. Student Teams will design and fabricate   and testing a flying model rocket.  students will learn how to code every type of
        Students will perform fabrication, assembly and   a “Leaf blower” hover Craft that a student can           sensor and motor. Students will then design and
        finishing of a “Gum Ball Machine” from wood.   operate. Students will create a Graphics Design   Automation  and  Robotics  (A)  (7th  &  8th   build a four- motor robot and code it for autono-
        Students will design a 3D Printed Name Tag.   and transfer it to a “T-Shirt.” Critical thinking,   Grade) (PLTW)  mous AND radio-controlled operation. Students
        Students will design a Mold to CNC Machine   teamwork and problem-solving skills are incor-  In this course students will learn the skills   will then race to complete various timed tasks in
        for  Plastisol  Casting.  Students  will  perform   porated  throughout  the  course.  Students  will   needed  to  construct  a  smooth-running,  reli-  a class wide competition.
        Pre-Engineering CAD drawings of the gum ball   organize a Portfolio of all of their activities.  able machine that can follow instructions. The
        machine and Name Tag, utilization the PLTW   Transportation (7th & 8th Grade)  class will start in the lab where students build a   Watch for part 2 in the following (Spring
        3-D modeling software. Students will operate a   This  class  emphasizes  a  project  -  based   hydraulic arm and various mechanisms, demon-  2024) issue of Teaching Today WI™
        Production Plastics Injection Molding Machine.   engineering style approach to problem solving.    strating how mechanical energy is transferred.
        Critical  thinking,  team  work  and  problem   Students will apply power tool skills and simple   Students  then  combine  multiple  mechanisms
        solving  are  incorporated  into  the  construction   physics  to  design  and  build  a  mousetrap  and   and electric motors into a project of their own
        and testing of a “Rube Goldberg” device.                                design.  Students will then write a program to   kennedy
                                            crash  car.    They  will  continue  to  modify  and   put their project into motion.
        Design  &  Modeling  (A)  (7th  &  8th  Grade)   improve the vehicle as they try to get it to travel
        (PLTW)                              as  far  as  possible.  Students  will  then  learn   Automation  and  Robotics  (B)  (8th  Grade)
            Students will utilize the PLTW 3-D mod-  electrical energy by building a DC motor and   (PLTW)

        STEAM at Southern Door Schools Continued from Page 1

                                                                                the collaborative work between CTE teach-  are  as  they  engage  in  their  work.  You’d
                                                                                ers within the district as well as with local   notice  students  working  in  teams,  using  a
                                                                                industry.  Teachers  meet  monthly  to  com-  variety  of  tools  and  materials,  and  you’d
                                                                                plete  work  that  strengthens  district-wide   also notice the noise - evidence of produc-
                                                                                programming,  and  local  businesses  are   tive learning.
                                                                                invited  to  participate  in  the  annual  Advi-  A future growth area for the program
                                                                                sory Council Meeting. These collaborations   includes  increasing  student  connections
                                                                                provide structure, guidelines, support, and   with  industry  experts  and  mentors.  While
                                                                                coordination for the enhancement of career   Southern  Door  elementary  students  have
                                                                                and technical education at Southern Door.   had  on  site  visits  from  computer  science,
                                                                                The  goal  is  to  better  prepare  students  for   master  gardener,  and  sewing  experts  and
                                                                                success  in  continuing  education  or  the   mentors,  they  realize  the  potential  for
                                                                                workplace.                         increasing  student  awareness  of  potential
                                                                                   At  the  elementary  level,  the  STEAM   job  opportunities  as  well  as  helping  them
                                                                                program has a heavy focus on experiential   to connect the work they are doing in the
                                                                                learning,  or  learning  through  play-based   STEAM room to the future work they will
                                                                                experiences. Students are encouraged to be   do outside of school.
                                                                                curious and brave, ask questions, and lean
                                                                                on one another when investigating potential
        a variety of answers from robotics to card-  light up, move, or make sound. once com-  solutions to the day’s challenge or activity.
        board  engineering.  And  because  of  this,   plete, the fingerboard parks will be used in   They utilize the engineering design process
        students  are  often  given  opportunities  to   a green screen project, where students will   as  they  work,  which  encourages  them  to
        blend the two.                      superimpose themselves on skateboards in   persevere  through  failure  and  iterate  to
            This  year,  for  example,  students  are   the  parks.  Families  will  be  encouraged  to   improve on prior attempts at a solution.
        working to design fingerboard parks. Each   engage  with  the  fingerboard  parks  during   Walking  past  the  makerspace  and
        grade  level’s  park  features  obstacles,  as   the annual Family STEAM Night.  glancing through one of the windows would
        well as circuitry work that allows things to   The program’s success is in part due to   give you insight to just how busy students
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