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Careers in Motion — Energy
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                                                energy Career Clusters

          engineering                        applied to connecting wind farms and solar   Stationary Engineers and Boiler Operators  substations, and in-service relays. This occu-
                                             panels to the grid. Career specialties include
                                                                                                                   pation  can  be  involved  in  solar  installation
                                                                                   Run or maintain equipment that provides
             An  engineer  is  someone  who  likes  to   energy  engineers  and  photo-voltaic  (solar   utilities  to  building  such  as  power  plants,   and maintenance.
         solve  problems.  They  can  help  make  the   cell) systems engineers.   schools, hospitals, and residential buildings.
         nation’s electricity usage more efficient and                                                             Solar Photovoltaic Installers
         more reliant on clean fuels.        Electronics Engineers                installation and repair             Install  and  maintain  solar  photovoltaic
                                                use  engineering  to  research,  design,                           systems on roofs which convert energy from
         Architects                          develop,  or  test  electronic  components  and   Careers             the sun into electricity for homes and busi-
             Plan  and  design  structures  like  homes,   systems for commercial, military, or scientific         nesses. Pv Power Systems engineers drive the
         offices, theaters, factories, and other buildings.  use. May design electronic circuits for things   Installers  and  repairers  are  essential  to   development  and  implementation  of  highly
                                             like telecommunications or aerospace controls.  the energy industry. They install, inspect, test,   efficient grid-connected systems for Concen-
         Civil Engineers                                                        and  repair  electrical  or  mechanical  equip-  trated Pv technologies. Electrical Engineers
             use  engineering  to  plan  and  design   Industrial Engineering Technicians   ment.                  can be LEED-certified and work on sustain-
         construction projects, like roads, bridges, air-  Work  under  the  direction  of  indus-                 able projects or with an architectural firm.
         ports, water and sewage systems, and other   trial  engineers  to  design  processes  to  make   Control and Valve Installers and
         facilities.                         better use of resources at work sites. Design   Repairers             Supervisors of Mechanics, Installers, and
                                             the layout of an industrial or manufacturing   Install, repair, and maintain devices that   Repairers
         Electrical and Electronic Engineering   workplace to make production more efficient.  regulate processes in buildings. This includes   Directly supervise the activities of workers
         Technicians                                                            things such as electric meters, gas regulators,   who maintain or repair various machines, equip-
             Work  under  the direction  of engineers.   Mechanical Engineers   thermostats, and safety valves.    ment, vehicles, or buildings. May be employed
         Design, build, or repair electrical equipment,   use  engineering  principles  to  design                 in electrical generation facilities to coordinate
         like  circuitry  or  components. As  companies   tools,  engines,  and  other  mechanical  equip-  Electrical and Electronics Repairers of   the activities of inspectors, machine setters and
         look  for  ways  of  reducing  utilities  costs,   ment.  Oversee  installation,  operation,  and   Commercial and Industrial Equipment  operators, and plant operators.
         new employment opportunities may arise for   equipment  repairs.  Can  identify  efficiency   Repair, test, adjust, or install electronic
         engineering technicians who can recommend   opportunities  in  commercial  and  industrial   equipment such as industrial controls, trans-  Wind Turbine Service Technicians
         solutions for improving production efficiency.  facilities and calculate estimates of savings.   mitters, or antennas.  Inspect, adjust, or repair wind turbines.

         Electrical Engineers                Nuclear Engineers                  Electrical Power-Line Installers and   They may correct electrical, mechanical, and
                                                                                                                   hydraulic problems.
             use  engineering  to  research,  design,   Conduct research on nuclear energy and   Repairers
         develop,  or  test  electrical  equipment  and   nuclear waste disposal. They work on prob-  Install  and  fix  cables  and  wires  that
         systems.  May  oversee  the  manufacturing   lems related to how nuclear energy is used,   are  used  in  electrical  power  or  distribution    production Careers
         or  installation  of  systems.  Talents  may  be   and how to dispose of nuclear waste.  systems. May put up poles and transmission   Production workers in energy are mostly
                                                                                towers, identify and fix defects.
                                                                                                                   employed  in  power  plants,  often  combin-
                                                                                Heating, Air Conditioning, and     ing  the  duties  of  operators  and  technicians.
                                                                                Refrigeration Mechanics and Installers  Due to their high technical skills and union
                                                                                   Work  on  heating,  cooling,  and  ventila-  contracts, these workers can earn double the
                                                                                tion  systems  in  home  and  office  buildings.   salary  of  what  their  counterparts  in  other
                                                                                May  repair  or  install  hvAC  equipment. As   industries earn.
                                                                                demand for energy-efficient equipment grows,
                                                                                hvAC mechanics can become involved in the   Chemical Equipment Operators
                                                                                installation  and  maintenance  of  small  scale   Operate  equipment  to  control  chemi-
                                                                                renewable technologies.            cal changes or reactions during a production
                                                                                                                   process. May work on devulcanizers, steam-
                                                                                Industrial Machinery Mechanics     jacket kettles, or reactor vessels.
                               Electrical Utilities & Substation Technology        Repair,  install,  or  adjust  manufactur-
                                         Natural Gas Technology                 ing  equipment.  May  take  machinery  apart   Chemical Plant and System Operators
                                                                                                                      Operate  systems  of  machines  that
                                Power Line Construction & Maintenance           when there is a problem and repair or replace   control entire chemical processes.
                                        Wind Turbine Technology                 broken  equipment.  As  demand  for  energy
                                                                                increases, new employment opportunities can   Gas Plant Operators
                               These programs will provide students with        arise for machinery mechanics that can repair,   Distribute or process gas for utility com-
                               an extensive hands-on, unique education          install, or maintain wind farms and pipeline   panies by controlling compressors to maintain
                               experience.  Integrating knowledge, skills and   distribution systems.              specified pressures on gas pipelines.
                               competencies, graduates will be prepared for     Installation, Maintenance, and Repair
                               a wide variety of careers in the energy industry.  Helpers                          Nuclear Power Reactor Operators
                                                                                                                      Operate or control nuclear reactors. May
                               At Mitchell Tech you’ll find today’s most           Assist maintenance workers with instal-  start  and  stop  equipment,  monitor  controls,
                               advanced technology, experienced instructors,    lation,  maintenance,  and  repair  work.  May   and record data. use emergency procedures
                               and great classrooms and labs.  Fully accredited.    supply  tools  or  clean  work  areas.  Some   when necessary.
                                                                                workers  may  be  employed  in  the  energy
                               Financial aid available.  No difference between   industry  in  maintaining  and  repairing   Petroleum Pump System and Refinery
                               in-state and out-of-state tuition.               plumbing,  heating,  or  residential  and  com-  Operators

                               Check out the programs and you’ll find out very   mercial  electrical  systems  to  make  use  of   Operate  systems  that  refine  petroleum.
                               soon how you can “Be The Best!”                  solar-derived hot water.           May  specialize  in  certain  types  of  systems,
                                                                                                                   gauging or testing oil in storage tanks, or reg-
                                                                                Powerhouse, Substation, and Relay   ulating the flow of oil into pipelines.
                                                                                Electrical and Electronics Repairers
                                                                                   Inspect   and   maintain   electrical   Source: O*NET Online —
                                                                                equipment  in  power  generating  stations,
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