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        New Building Project Will Greet the New Year in St . Croix Falls

                                                           replacement,   interior   A “yes” committee was formed in November   about  6000  square  feet  of  space.  The  fitness
                                                           classroom  painting  and   of 2019 for the April 2020 election date. Their   center can serve students during the day in PE
                                                           ceiling  were  the  main   work was the critical piece in getting the pubic   classes, it will serve student-athletes before and
                                                           items  in  this  10  facili-  support needed for passage of this referendum.   after school as well as allow our community
                                                           ties  list.  This  referendum   As  the  election  neared,  the  pandemic  con-  education program to offer fitness classes to the
                                                           passed  quite  handily  in   cerned us as many people were now becoming   general public. Students will have significantly
                                                           April of 2017.       more and more concerned with the economic   improved  opportunities  to  learn  life-long
                                                              As  time  continued   impact this may have for their personal situa-  fitness approaches. our Pe classes will have a
                                                           forward  our  discussion   tion. The referendum ultimately passed.    venue that can be used for both cardio training
                                                           turned to some things that   Planning  has  started  for  this  project.   and muscle building/maintenance training.
                                                           we as a district thought we   However; no actual construction will be taking   While  this  referendum  project  did  not
                                                           were  lacking  in  facilities.   place until after the new year.    include  any  new  gymnasium  space,  it  in
                                                           This discussion took place   These  projects  will  impact  students’   essence helped create additional gym availabil-
                                                           as we now had “a handle”   careers at the St. Croix Falls School District for   ity by moving the performing arts out of the
                                                           on  the  delayed  mainte-  years to come. It will allow for expansion of   elementary school gym and into its own venue.
                                                           nance items in our existing   our already robust fine arts programming. The   We are fortunate to live in a district where
        Mark C. Burandt, District Administrator  buildings and grounds. Throughout the spring   Performing Arts Center (PAC) will allow us to   the  taxpayers  have  been  open  to  listening  to
        St. Croix Falls School District     of  2019  the  discussion  eventually  centered   free up the elementary gymnasium in the fall of   presentations  about  needs  for  our  district  to
            The  school  district  of  St.  Croix  Falls   on  three  areas  in  need  of  improvement:  We   every year as this has been where our musicals   remain  competitive  in  not  only  keeping  our
        embarked  on  discussions  surrounding  facili-  really  did  not  have  a  suitable  place  for  per-  and plays have been performed. Our band and   resident  students,  but  also  in  hopes  of  being
        ties in fall of 2015. As state funding has had   forming arts to have their events, our weight   choirs will have a venue that will allow for effi-  an attractive choice for families who may be
        a difficult time keeping pace, many long term   room  which  served  grades  5–12  was  really   cient performances while allowing for a more   moving  to  the  area  or  for  students  who  may
        maintenance items had to be deferred. As the   nothing more than an old classroom area and   “professional”  approach.  The  PAC  can  also   be looking for an alternative school district to
        discussion continued, it was decided to seek   we had several district-owned vehicles stored   function  as  a  venue  for  regional  conferences   attend  through  Wisconsin’s  open  enrollment
        funds  from  a  referendum  in  spring  of  2017   near our bus garage, but there was no space to   if local organizations such as the Chamber of   option.
        for  deferred  maintenance  projects. This  total   put them inside. We engaged an architectural   Commerce, Rotary or the City should need a
        sought  5.2  million  dollars  for  use  over  a  10   firm to help decide upon a budget to accom-  facility that can accomodate larger attendance.
        year  period  to  address  delayed  maintenance   plish the three goals. The dollar figure decided   The PAC will also be utilized by the district to
        projects  along  with  anticipated  maintenance   upon  was  14  million  dollars.  The  projected   have guest presenters and performers.
        projects . items such as roofing, HvAC, energy   impact on the mil rate for taxpayers was to be   The new fitness center will impact chil-  (715) 483–2507
        efficient  lighting,  pavement,  doors/windows   55 cents per thousand dollars of assessed value.   dren in several ways. The facility will give us

                                                                                  Better Buildings.  Better Learning.
                   EDUCATION AND GROWTH

                Stahl provides professional consulting, development, and general    When it comes to K-12 facility improvements, we’ve done our
            contracting, construction management, design/build, and IPD construction   homework. Nexus understands the impact school buildings have on
             services. We focus on the process of evolving the built environment to    student achievement and provides districts with a comprehensive
            create lasting good and ensure our partners find comprehensive success.  solution for planning, funding, designing and building better facilities.

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