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                                                    Careers in Agriculture

          Agribusiness Systems               Animal Scientists                  Environmental Science and Protection     Food Products and
                                                                                Technicians, Including Health
                                                Conduct research in the genetics, nutri-
                                             tion, reproduction, growth, and development   Perform  laboratory  and  field  tests  Processing Systems
          Buyers and Purchasing Agents, Farm   of domestic farm animals.        to  monitor  the  environment  and  investi-
          Products                                                              gate  sources  of  pollution,  including  those   Agricultural Technicians
             Purchase farm products either for further   Farmworkers, Farm, Ranch, and   that  affect  health,  under  the  direction  of  an   Work  with  agricultural  scientists  in
          processing or resale. Includes tree farm con-  Aquacultural Animals   environmental  scientist,  engineer,  or  other   plant,  fiber,  and  animal  research,  or  assist
          tractors, grain brokers and market operators,   Attend to live farm, ranch, open range or   specialist. May collect samples of gases, soil,   with  animal  breeding  and  nutrition.  Set  up
          grain buyers, and tobacco buyers. May nego-  aquacultural animals that may include cattle,   water, and other materials for testing.  or maintain laboratory equipment and collect
          tiate contracts.                   sheep, swine, goats, horses and other equines,                        samples  from  crops  or  animals.  Prepare
                                             poultry,  rabbits,  finfish,  shellfish,  and  bees.   Hazardous Materials Removal Workers
          Farm Labor Contractors             Attend  to  animals  produced  for  animal   Identify,  remove,  pack,  transport,  or   specimens or record data to assist scientists
             Recruit and hire seasonal or temporary   products,  such  as  meat,  fur,  skins,  feathers,   dispose  of  hazardous  materials,  including   in biology or related life science experiments.
          agricultural  laborers.  May  transport,  house,   eggs,  milk,  and  honey.  Duties  may  include   asbestos,  lead-based  paint,  waste  oil,  fuel,   Conduct  tests  and  experiments  to  improve
          and provide meals for workers.     feeding, watering, herding, grazing, milking,   transmission  fluid,  radioactive  materials,  or   yield and quality of crops or to increase the
                                             castrating,  branding,  de-beaking,  weighing,   contaminated  soil.  Specialized  training  and   resistance of plants and animals to disease or
          Farmers, Ranchers, and Other                                                                             insects.
          Agricultural Managers              catching,  and  loading  animals.  May  main-  certification in hazardous materials handling
             Plan,  direct,  or  coordinate  the  man-  tain records on animals; examine animals to   or  a  confined  entry  permit  are  generally   First-Line Supervisors of Farming,
          agement  or  operation  of  farms,  ranches,   detect  diseases  and  injuries;  assist  in  birth   required.  May  operate  earth-moving  equip-  Fishing, and Forestry Workers
          greenhouses,  aquacultural  operations,  nurs-  deliveries; and administer medications, vac-  ment or trucks.  Directly  supervise  and  coordinate  the
          eries,  timber  tracts,  or  other  agricultural   cinations, or insecticides as appropriate. May   Pest Control Workers  activities  of  agricultural,  forestry,  aquacul-
          establishments. May hire, train, and supervise   clean  and  maintain  animal  housing  areas.   Apply or release chemical solutions or   tural, and related workers.
          farm workers or contract for services to carry   Includes workers who shear wool from sheep   toxic  gases  and  set  traps  to  kill  or  remove   Food Science Technicians
          out the day-to-day activities of the managed   and collect eggs in hatcheries.  pests  and  vermin  that  infest  buildings  and   Work  with  food  scientists  or  technolo-
          operation. May engage in or supervise plant-                          surrounding areas.
          ing, cultivating, harvesting, and financial and    Environmental Service                                 gists  to  perform  standardized  qualitative
          marketing activities.              Systems                            Refuse and Recyclable Material Collectors  and  quantitative  tests  to  determine  physical
                                                                                                                   or  chemical  properties  of  food  or  beverage
                                                                                   Collect  and  dump  refuse  or  recyclable   products.  Includes  technicians  who  assist
          Animal Systems                     Environmental Engineering Technologists   materials  from  containers  into  truck.  May   in  research  and  development  of  production
                                                                                drive truck.
                                             and Technicians                                                       technology,  quality  control,  packaging,  pro-
          Animal Breeders                       Apply  theory  and  principles  of  envi-  Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant   cessing, and use of foods.
             Select  and  breed  animals  according   ronmental  engineering  to  modify,  test,  and   and System Operators
          to  their  genealogy,  characteristics,  and  off-  operate  equipment  and  devices  used  in  the   Operate or control an entire process or   Food Scientists and Technologists
          spring.  May  require  knowledge  of  artificial   prevention,  control,  and  remediation  of   system of machines, often through the use of   use chemistry, microbiology, engineer-
          insemination techniques and equipment use.   environmental  problems,  including  waste   control  boards,  to  transfer  or  treat  water  or   ing, and other sciences to study the principles
          May involve keeping records on heats, birth   treatment  and  site  remediation,  under  the   wastewater.  underlying  the  processing  and  deterioration
          intervals, or pedigree.            direction  of  engineering  staff  or  scientists.                    of foods; analyze food content to determine
                                             May  assist  in  the  development  of  environ-  Water/Wastewater Engineers  levels  of  vitamins,  fat,  sugar,  and  protein;
          Animal Caretakers                  mental remediation devices.           Design  or  oversee  projects  involv-  discover  new  food  sources;  research  ways
             Feed, water, groom, bathe, exercise, or                            ing  provision  of  potable  water,  disposal  of   to make processed foods safe, palatable, and
          otherwise provide care to promote and main-  Environmental Engineers  wastewater  and  sewage,  or  prevention  of   healthful; and apply food science knowledge
          tain the well-being of pets and other animals   Research, design, plan, or perform engi-  flood-related damage. Prepare environmental   to determine best ways to process, package,
          that are not raised for consumption, such as   neering duties in the prevention, control, and   documentation  for  water  resources,  regula-  preserve, store, and distribute food.
          dogs,  cats,  race  horses,  ornamental  fish  or   remediation of environmental hazards using   tory program compliance, data management
          birds,  zoo  animals,  and  mice.  Work  in  set-  various  engineering  disciplines.  Work  may   and analysis, and field work. Perform hydrau-  Graders and Sorters, Agricultural
          tings such as kennels, animal shelters, zoos,   include waste treatment, site remediation, or   lic modeling and pipeline design.  Products
          circuses, and aquariums. May keep records of   pollution control technology.                                Grade,  sort,  or  classify  unprocessed
          feedings, treatments, and animals received or                                                            food and other agricultural products by size,
          discharged. May clean, disinfect, and repair                                                             weight, color, or condition.
          cages, pens, or fish tanks.                                                                              Source: O*NET Online —
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