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        page 8 | Manufacturing Today Wisconsin | fall, 2020                                               Electronic Edition:

                                                                                Wisconsin cribbage boards, embroidered hats,   hands-on  and  hands-off  information  of  all
                                                                                scrunchies,  drink  koozies,  washer  snowmen,   sorts that would contribute to the prosperity of
                                                                                snowmen ornaments, and anodized aluminum   Spartan Manufacturing’s future.
                                                                                keychains.                             By the eighth week, Spartan Manufactur-
                                                                                   Once the brainstorming process came to a   ing was receiving more attention than anyone
                                                                                close, and production groups were established,   thought possible. The website had more than
                                                                                the next challenge that the students of Spartan   400  visits,  and  by  November  19th  the  class
                                                                                Manufacturing had to tackle were the daunting   had made its first official sale to someone all
                                                    brought  in  all  of  the  company’s   machines that resided in the better half of the   the way in Oklahoma, who had heard about
                                                    sales, each student helped contrib-  school. Over the course of the first few weeks   Spartan  Manufacturing  from  one  of  the  stu-
                                                    ute to the class in their own way.   students were trained in all           dents, Christian Marcillo.
                                                    By the end of the school year, stu-  sorts  of  equipment  ranging              After  the  first  sale
                                                    dents could proudly say they had   from  sewing  machines  to               the  class  took  off,  receiv-
                                                    earned  $5,671  and  gained  more   the laser.                              ing  more  orders  than  even
                                                    knowledge  and  experience  than   Each  product  required                  teachers  Steve  Pennekamp
                                                    they could have ever hoped for.   different   software   and                and Travis Ray thought pos-
                                                        Unfortunately  in  the  follow-  expertise,  which  provided            sible.  By  Christmas  time
                                                    ing year, the class did not run due   new  and  unique  learning            Spartan Manufacturing was
                                                    to the lack of students interested in   opportunities to the students       in full swing, filling orders
                                                    the  opportunity.  However  after  a   involved.  While  some  stu-         by  the  dozens.  In  times  of
                                                    year  of  promoting,  Spartan  Man-  dents focused on the design            chaos,  weaknesses  within
                                                    ufacturing  was  up  and  running   that  instigated  the  produc-          the production phases were
                                                    again with new purpose and aspi-  tion  process,  on  softwares             exposed.   Unfortunately,
                                                    rations to drive it.        such  as  Aspire  and  Corel                    some  of  the  cutting  boards
                                                        At the beginning of the 2019-  Draw, others specialized in              had  started  to  warp;  but
                                                    2020 school year, no one had any   running machines such as the CNC, Cricket,   soon thereafter, the problem was resolved by
                                                    idea  about  the  amount  of  atten-  laser,  mig  welding,  sewing  machines,  and   dividing the cutting board into four pieces and
                                                    tion Spartan Manufacturing would   embroidery machine.         then gluing them together.
                                                    soon  bring  to  McFarland  High   There was never a point in time where a   Not  long  after  winter  break,  once  the
                                                    School.  The  class  began  with  a   student  wasn’t  busy;  they  were  either  in  the   Christmas frenzy had passed, News 15 showed
                                                    template  of  a  website  they  had   classroom  working  with  software,  or  in  the   up at Spartan Manufacturing’s doorstep. The
                                                    designed  the  previous  year  and   woods  and  metal  shops  producing  revenue.   opportunity  was  made  possible  by  one  of
                                                    thirty-five  hopeful  students,  with   Each member of Spartan Manufacturing was
                                                    two  experienced  and  knowledge-  working to their full potential and absorbing   Continued on page 10
                                                    able  teachers
                                                    to get them on
        Nina Crull                                  their feet.
        Spartan Manufacturing                   Soon  after  introduc-
        McFarland High School               tions  and  expectations
            McFarland  High  School  supplies  many   were  defined,  the  class
        opportunities to all its students, but the oppor-  was  off  and  running.
        tunities  are  only  as  valuable  as  the  students   Brainstormed   products
        make  them.  In  2017  opportunity  arose  for   ranged from playing cards
        McFarland juniors and seniors seeking hands-  and  scrunchies  to  metal
        on and hands-off learning about what it takes   candle holders and cutting
        to run a company. From brainstorming to pro-  boards.  Some  ideas  took   MEC is a leading U.S. –based value-
        duction to advertising, Spartan Manufacturing   more moxie than others in   added manufacturing partner that provides
        entails the full experience of                              a broad range of prototyping and tooling,
        what it’s like to work in the                               production fabrication, coating, assembly
        manufacturing field.                                        and aftermarket components. We are
            This  class  is  unique                                 headquartered in Mayville, WI, with
        in  the  sense  that  it  is  the                           operations throughout this great state.
        school’s  first  student-run
        business.  When  hearing,                                   We are proud to be the nation’s
        “student-run”  many  people                                 leading fabrication company for the
        automatically assume hectic                                 last 10 consecutive years, according
        chaos raging within a class-                                to The Fabricator magazine.
        room,  with  no  sense  of
        direction.  However,  this  is                               MEC is #1 for a Reason!
        not the case for the handful
        of  students  who  have
        dedicated  their  time  and  commitment  to  the   order  to  even  make  it  off
        success of Spartan Manufacturing.   the ground; but in the end,   We are Hiring at Each of Our Wisconsin Locations!
            As of 2017, Spartan Manufacturing was   Spartan   Manufacturing
        just starting out with only an idea and ambi-  had  a  total  of  ten  prod-
        tion to fuel it. Appealing to students with all   ucts that would soon bring   Apply online at
        different  backgrounds  of  skills,  the  business   in  revenue:  Wisconsin
        profited  most  off  each  individual’s  exper-  cutting  boards,  Madison   Mayville Engineering Company, Inc.           I 
        tise. Whether it be running the CNC to make   lakes  cutting  boards,  con-
        cribbage  boards  or  creating  the  website  that   version  cutting  boards,
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