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Careers in Motion — Construction
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                    Student-Built House Construction Program In 25th Successful Year

                                                                                   At  this  year’s  event,  the  crisp  morning   the  prior  school  year  was  recently  sold  for
                                                                                air surrounded those in attendance, an Ameri-  $410,000. Proceeds from the sale will go toward
                                                                                can flag waved in the slight breeze, and a large   scholarships, tools, and equipment, as well as
                                                                                table was filled with hard hats and donated gear.   purchasing land for future construction projects.
                                                                                Each student in attendance had the opportunity   Now  that  the  weather  is  colder,  students
                                                                                to stand in front of their peers and community   have wrapped up the house framing and installed
                                                                                members  and  share  why  they  decided  to  par-  the  trusses  -  the  triangular  wooden  structures
                                                                                ticipate in the program. From the desire to gain   used  to  support  the  roof.  Soon  the  plumb-
                                                                                hands-on  experience  in  building  a  house,  to   ing, electrical, and HvAC installations will be
                                                                                getting their foot in the door early for a career in   complete.  Instructor  and  project  manager  Ted
                                                                                construction or electrical engineering, every stu-  Schermetzler will continue to lead the students
                                                                                dent’s story was distinctive and personal. Their   every step of the way.
                                                                                statements of intent were powerful.    This  is  truly  a  community  project.  Stu-
                                                                                   brian  Sippel,  North  Central  States   dents  benefit  from  working  alongside  local
                                                                                Regional Council of Carpenters representative,   contractors,  carpenters,  electricians,  and  other
                                                                                spoke  at  the  program.  brian  graduated  from   skilled  professionals,  who  guide  and  teach
                                                                                South  High  School  in  1999  and  participated   them  throughout  the  construction  process.  A
                                                                                in the first-ever house construction project. He   Construction  Trades  committee  made  up  of
                                                                                shared with those in attendance how his experi-  representatives  from  local  businesses,  orga-
        Each year for the last 25 years, Sheboygan Area   real-world,  hands-on  learning  experiences,”   ence within the program in high school helped   nizations,  and  school  staff  meets  regularly  to
        School  District  students  from  both  North  and   said Superintendent Seth Harvatine.   to guide his career path and become the success-  guide and support the project and the students
        South High Schools who are enrolled in Career   The  project  kicks  off  each  year  with  a   ful carpenter he is today.   involved.
        & Technical Education build a house from the   groundbreaking ceremony where students’ con-  but  before  any  construction  work  could   The Sheboygan Area School District looks
        foundation  to  the  interior  finishing  touches.   fidence is bolstered by program leaders and the   begin, students enrolled in the district’s Project   forward  to  another  successful  year  for  this
        This unique, innovative opportunity gives stu-  excitement for the upcoming project is palpable.   Lead the Way Civil Engineering and Architec-  popular program!
        dents the chance to experience hands-on work   Students,  their  family  members,  community   ture classes designed a house plan. The students’
        and gain skills, experience, and connections to   members, representatives from the district, local   plans are evaluated by a group of industry build-
        pursue a career in construction trades.  carpenters, and electricians all come together at   ers and educators, and the top design is chosen
            “It is incredibly important for our schools   this ceremony to recognize the hard work about   to be built the next school year.
        to  prepare  students  for  the  future  by  offering   to be underway.    The  student-built  house  constructed  over

        Wausau School District Woodmizer

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                                            of oak, white pine and red pine logs is available
                                            for use on the mill. While this material was oth-
                                            erwise sold for pulp, it can now be used to serve
                                            the needs of students in the district. The other
                                            beneficial partner that has been instrumental in
                                            the early success of this project is the Wausau
                                            and  Marathon  County  Parks,  Recreation,  and
                                            Forestry Department. As managers of all urban   BUILD YOUR
                                            forests and county land, they have a tremendous
                                            amount of material that is constantly available. A   CONSTRUCTION
                                            mutually beneficial relationship has been estab-
        sented; closing the gap between logs and lumber.   lished that provides raw materials to the school
        The mill was first incorporated into several levels   for  milling  and  also  provides  finished  lumber   CAREER
        of  wood  manufacturing  classes.  While  wood   back to the Parks Department for use on projects
        performance, defects, drying, and behavior were   throughout the parks system and in the Wausau   AT NDSU
        covered at a high level prior to this point, the   community.
        process  of  actually  milling  a  log  makes  all  of   What initially began as a simple purchase
        these otherwise abstract concepts very immedi-  to serve the needs of students in wood manufac-
        ate and relevant. Students found that how lumber   turing  classes  has  quickly  become  something   FOUR-YEAR ACCREDITED DEGREES:
        is milled from a log has a dramatic impact on all   well beyond this. Key partnerships have been   • Construction Engineering
        of these concepts. The students quickly realized   established, district resources are being used to
        that planning and foresight were essential to gen-  serve  district  needs,  and  students  are  gaining   • Construction Management
        erate quality lumber and minimize waste.  greater perspective and valuable skills related
            Another key component to the success of   to the forest products industry that has a long   Schedule your visit today:
        the  implementation  of  the  portable  sawmill  is   and storied history in Wausau and northcentral
        a constant supply of raw material. The Wausau   Wisconsin.
        School  District  is  fortunate  to  have  a  school
        forest  within  the  district.  Forest  management                               @ndsuengineering         @NDSUengineering        @ndsu_coe
        is  a  constant  process  at  the  school  forest  and
        because of these efforts, a fairly steady supply
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