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Schools Under Construction
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         April Referendums Passed for New and Existing Building and Grounds Updates

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        Osceola School District:            Pittsville School District:         athletic field, updated football field, baseball   tion area of the Middle/High School; parking
            $10,000,000  —  For  the           $6,700,000 — Acquisition         and softball fields and add a new track for stu-  lot,  athletic  facility  and  site  improvements
                                                                                                                   at  the  Middle/High  School;  renovations,
                                                                                dents/community to use.
        purpose of paying the costs of      of land for and the construction                                       improvements  and  technology  updates  at
        capital maintenance projects at     of a new CTE facility, replace-     Spooner Area School District:      the  elementary  School  and  the  Middle/High
        the high school, middle school      ment of portion of Elementary          $16,000,000  —  Dis-            School; and acquisition of furnishings, fixtures
        and intermediate school.            School roof and replacement of      trict  wide  infrastructure,       and equipment.
                                            backup boiler at High School.       safety  and  security  and
        Osseo-Fairchild School District:                                                                           Winter School District
            $3,900,000   —                  Saint Croix Falls School District:  ADA improvements. Aca-                 $4,000,000 — For facility
        Paying  the  costs  of                 $14,000,000  —  To  pay  for     additions at SeS, demolition of the small MS   upgrades
        improvements  to  the               the cost of a school building and   gym  and  acquisition  of  related  furnishings,
        District’s buildings and            improvement program, consisting     fixtures and equipment.            Wonewoc-Union Center School District:
        grounds and equipment acquisition including:   of  constructing  new,  as  well  as                            $4,560,000   —   Paying
        building and site maintenance projects; expan-  remodeling and capital improve-  Sturgeon Bay School District:  the  cost  of  a  school  build-
        sion  and  remodeling  of  technical  education   ments of existing facilities.  $16,840,000 — Issue debt   ing  repair  and  improvement
        spaces  and  acquisition of  related  equipment;                        for an addition and remodeling     program  consisting  of:  safety
        and  district-wide  technology  upgrades  and   Sauk Prairie School District:  of  Sawyer  elementary  School,   and  security  upgrades,  ADA  compliance
        replacements.                          $64,985,000    —  Paying         safety  and  security  upgrades    updates,  maintenance  and  building  infra-
                                            the  cost  of  school  buildings
        Phillips School District:           renovations,  outdoor  facilities   at  the  High  School/District     structure  improvements,  career/technology
            $9,860,000  —  Construc-        and improvement programs.           offices, the closing of and possible removal of   spaces,  science  labs,  building-wide  HVAC,
                                                                                                                   cafeteria  improvements,  site  improvements,
                                                                                Sunrise elementary, CTe area upgrades, and
        tion  of  additional  classrooms                                        necessary  bathrooms  remodeling  to  become   and acquisition of related furnishing, fixtures,
        and  expansion  and  renovation     Southwestern Wisconsin              ADA compliant.                     and equipment.
        of  the  Middle/High  School        School District:
        Building.  Upgrades  and  site         $2,500,000  —  Improve-          Webster School District:           Reprinted from the Wisconsin Department of
        improvements  along  with  potential  demoli-  ments to elementary playground   $6,500,000  —  Construc-   Instruction
        tion of a portion of Phillips elementary School   to allow access for handicapped   tion  of  an  addition  to  expand
        along  with  acquisitions  of  furnishings,  fix-  or  students  in  a  wheelchair   the career and technical educa-
        tures, and equipment.               along  with  improvements  to

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