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CTE / Construction
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                     Delavan-Darien Reimagines, Redefines and Redesigns

                     Students’ Educational Journeys

                                                                               that relates to their individual career interests
                                                                               while preparing them to survive and thrive in   Choices — life is full of them.
                                                                               the modern-day workforce. DD Tech students   DD Tech currently offers the fol-
                                                                               are  able  to  gain  workplace  knowledge  and   lowing  career  pathway  choices  for
                                                                               skills within industry standard classrooms and   students:
                                                                               lab settings, while networking with profession-
                                                                               als, and “test driving” through career through   •  Advanced Manufacturing &
                                                                               work-based learning programs. DD Tech was   Production
                                                                               created to better meet the needs of our students   •  Animal Systems in Agriculture
                                                                               and community while reimagining, redefining   •  Architecture & Construction
                                                                               and redesigning what our educational system
                                                                               should look like. While the primary focus has   •  Business Administration in
                                                                               historically been on closing the achievement   Finance
                                                                               gap  by  preparing  students  for  standardized   •  Business Administration in
                                                                               testing, DD tech has instead turned its focus   Marketing
                                                                               on closing the achievement gap by focusing   •  Business Management &
                                                                               on closing readiness gap.                 Support Services
                                                                                   We  all  know  that  the  traditional  educa-
                                                                               tional  system  works  well  for  some,  but  we   •  Education & Training
                                                                               also know that this traditional model does not   •  Hospitality, Lodging & Tourism
                                                                               work for others. With this in mind, DD Tech
                                                                               has provided the Delavan-Darien School Dis-  •  Environmental & Natural
        Delavan-Darien School District      school year with a focus on Career and Techni-  trict an opportunity to reimagine, redefine and   Resources
            The  Delavan-Darien  School  District   cal Education (CTE) pathways, employability   redesign  the  traditional  educational  pathway   •  Patient Care in Health Science
        has  added  one  more  choice  for  high  school   skills,  on  the  job  training,  stackable  creden-  to  better  support  all  of  our  students  regard-  •  Plant Systems in Agriculture
        students  as  they  consider  one  of  their  most   tials, and earning a technical diploma before   less of what goals they have for their future.
        important life choices — What to do after high   high school graduation.  DD Tech not only helps students identify their   •  Transportation & Power
        school?  Delavan-Darien  Technical  School   Students  enrolled  in  DD Tech  have  the                          Equipment Service
        (DD  Tech)  first  opened  for  the  2022–2023   opportunity  to  embark  on  a  career  pathway   Continued on Page 12

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