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                     Welding News from Chippewa Falls Area Unified School District

         female Welding Teacher                                                    Chippewa falls High School Awarded Welding grant
         Inspires Students to                                                    Jonathan Hiebl                    tion including; One year welding diplomas,
                                                                                                                   welding-related  union  apprenticeship  pro-
                                                                                 Chippewa Falls Area Unified School District
         go into Trade                                                               Despite the chaos of 2020, the Technol-  grams,  and  immediate  skilled  employment
            A female Tech Ed teacher is paving the                               ogy Education Department at the Chippewa   opportunities.
         way for females in the field by teaching at a                           Falls Senior High has had an awesome year.   In April, 2020, the department received
         local middle school.                                                    In  February,  2020,  the  department  became   additional good news as they were awarded
            Maranda  Degenhardt  teaches  welding                                a  registered  American  Welding  Society   a  $25,000  dollar  grant  from  the American
         to  eighth  graders  Chippewa  Falls  Middle                            SENSE  Training  Organization.  The  AWS   Welding  Society  (AWS)  Foundation  to
         School. She became interested in tech ed in                             SENSE Program offers students the oppor-  upgrade the current welding lab. The grant
         middle  school,  starting  with  woodworking                            tunity to earn industry recognized welding   was written and prepared by Laura Bushen-
         classes.                                                                certificates while in high school. The SENSE   dorf,  Donna  Goodman,  Danielle  hatfield,
            “When I was in middle school we actu-                                Level I Program covers written and welder   and  Jonathan  Hiebl.  The  school  district
         ally had these exploratory classes and one of                           workmanship  tests  using  GMAW,  SMAW,   matched the grant amount for a project total
         mine happened to be tech ed, and I thought                              FCAW, GTAW, oxyfuel, and plasma cutting   of $50,000. The project funding provided 11
         it  was  really  cool  to  work  with  wood  and                        processes  on  carbon  steel,  stainless  steel,   new  multi-process  welders,  2  new  plasma
         things like that,” she says.                                            and  aluminum.  Full  completion  of  the   cutters,  upgraded  electrical  in  the  lab,  and
            She  continued  to  pursue  tech  ed                                 SENSE  program  is  very  challenging  with   bought  materials  to  fabricate  and  replace
         throughout  high  school  and  college,  and                            the wide variety of processes, weld prints,   the welding booths. Students in the Welding
         chose  to  come  back  to  light  the  spark  for                       and  materials  to  cover.  Students  working   Technology classes have been able to par-
         eight  graders  at  Chippewa  Falls  Middle                             through the welding career pathway at the   ticipate in the renovations by welding and
         School. She says some people were appre-                                high  school  have  numerous  employment   fabricating the new booths that replaced the
         hensive about a female welding teacher at                               and educational opportunities upon gradua-  old outdated ones.
            “Originally  they  were  like,  you’re  a   think it pushes the boys because they try to   tech ed classes.  We’re  showing  that  women  can  do  it  too,
         girl,  you  know  how  to  do  this?  It’s  really   compete against me, but it’s funny because   “It’s  really  cool  to  see  they’re  taking   and  that’s  what’s  really  important,  cause
         cool to show up the boys sometimes where   the girls are usually better.”  these  classes  because  of  me,”  she  says.   we don’t just need men in the trades but we
         I’m like, yeah, I do know how to do this, I   Degenhardt  is  glad  that  representing   “They’re  like,  ‘we  like  you  as  a  person
         can do it, you can do it too now. And so I   females in trade is inspiring students to take   but we also like what you’re standing for’.   Continued on page 7

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