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Celebrating 25 Years

                                                                                                                    Winter 2022–23, Volume 1
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                       Wausau School District Honors                                           Yes We Can! D.C. Everest

                       Community's Rich Timber                                                 Student Finding Success

                       History; Invests in Woodmizer                                           in Apprenticeship

                                                          industry  partners  to  make   Michelle Rothmeyer,
                                                          sure students have access to   Coordinator of
                                                          both  rigorous  and  relevant   Communications
                                                          opportunities — including in   D.C. Everest Area
                                                          Wood Manufacturing. Wood   School District
                                                          Manufacturing  has  been  a   Stephanie  Stanke,  a
                                                          staple of the department, in   lifelong  automotive  enthu-
                                                          fact, there are several levels   siast,  opened  Wooster’s
                                                          of  woodworking  instruc-  Garage  in  2017  becoming
                                                          tion available to high school   one of very few female auto-
                                                          students in the district. That   motive  repair  shop  owners
                                                          instruction  includes  cabinet   in the region. She grew up in
                                                          making  and  construction   a family of auto enthusiasts/
                                                          framing.  In  addition,  the   auto  shop  owners,  and  in
                                                          Wausau  School  District   high school enrolled in auto-
                                                          has  a  very  well  established   motive courses. Upon graduating, she set out   serving as a guest speaker who addresses what
        Diana White                                       Agriculture   Education   to learn everything she could about the indus-  it’s like to work within a male-dominated field.
        Coordinator of Communications & Marketing  Department which, among other pathways, has   try and the customers it serves, by working in   When D.C. Everest Community Partner-
        Wausau School District              focused instruction related to natural resources,   a wide variety of roles within the automotive   ship Coordinator Rose Matthie met Harmony
            Wausau,  like  many  other  towns  in  the   conservation, forestry management, and devel-  industry.  In  2012  she  rounded  out  her  expe-  Hommerding,  a  sophomore  at  D.C.  Everest
        northwoods  of  Wisconsin,  owes  its  very  exis-  opment.             riences  by  earning  an  associate's  degree  in   Senior  High  with  a  marked  interest  in  cars,
        tence to the vast timber resources that surround   Those   departments   provide   excel-  Automotive Technology.  she immediately thought of Stephanie’s busi-
        it. From its first incorporation in the mid 19th   lent  instruction  in  their  own  particular  areas,   What struck Stephanie during her years   ness as an ideal Youth Apprenticeship partner.
        century, wood and wood-related manufacturing   however,  there  was  never  a  coordinated  link   of working within the industry was the level   Harmony’s  interest  in  the  automotive  indus-
        has been a large part of the economic and com-  between  forest  management  instruction  and   of  trepidation  customers  felt  concerning   try  was  piqued  by  mutual  friends  who  had
        munity development of the Wausau area. These   the  wood  manufacturing  instruction.  Upon   the  repairs  and  services  completed  on  their   a love of cars and the history behind the car
        industries  are  still  a  major  sector  of  the  local   recognizing  this  gap  in  instruction,  a  solution   vehicles. She set out to change that when she   culture.  Similar  to  Stephanie,  Harmony  is
        economy, but the image of a lumberjack heading   presented itself in the form of the purchase of a   established  her  own  business.  To  bridge  the   pursuing  her  automotive  interest  by  enroll-
        into the woods with an ax has been replaced by   portable sawmill to turn logs into lumber.  gap  between  customers  and  technicians  the   ing  in  Automotive  Technology  career  track
        highly-efficient,  technology-driven,  automated   In the spring of 2021, the Wausau School   shop works diligently to make customers feel   courses. She enrolled in Consumer Care Care
        equipment that has revolutionized the industries   District purchased a Woodmizer LT35 portable   comfortable about what they are investing in   as a sophomore and then Automotive Power
        to allow them to remain competitive in a global   sawmill. This trailer mounted bandsaw sawmill   and driving — offering, for example, monthly   Train Systems, Small Engines, and Introduc-
        marketplace.                        can be towed to a school or job site and set up in   auto  clinics  to  help  customers  better  under-  tion to Welding and Machining for her junior
            Knowing that this industry is so important   a matter of minutes. Team members recognized   stand their vehicles. She’s also working on a   year.  The  DCE  Senior  High’s  new  six-bay
        to the Wausau area, the Technology and Engi-  the opportunity this new piece of equipment pre-  book based on the insights she’s gained at her   Automotive Lab has provided her with unique
        neering  Departments  in  the  Wausau  School                           customer  auto  clinics.  Further,  she  serves  as   hands-on learning opportunities, but Harmony
        District work very closely with local business and   Continued on Page 6  a role model for other female entrepreneurs,   Continued on Page 28

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