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Celebrating 25 Years

                                                                                                                            fall 2022, Volume 1
            TEACHING                                                                          anufacturing

                            TODAY WI                                      ™                         TODAY                               Wi       tM

              WiSConSin’S 4K–12 eDuCation ConneCtion SinCe 1997                     ConneCting & exploring ManufaCturing in WiSConSin

                     grow-Your-own educator                                                  21 Wisconsin School Districts

                     internship takes flight                                                 awarded fab lab grants

                                            certified employability skills certificate and the   21 school districts through-
                                            state-certified leadership skills certificate. It’s   out the state have been awarded
                                            a paid internship. Students get credit for their   a total of more than $508,000 in
                                            work, and interns receive a letter of intent from   grants from the state to establish
                                            Racine’s  human  resources  department  that   or expand local fabrication lab-
                                            promises a job upon successful completion of   oratory (fab lab) facilities.
                                            a bachelor’s degree program in education.  “Fab labs provide students
                                                “The  pay  attracted  me  at  first,”  says   throughout  Wisconsin  with
                                            Milena  Gutierrez,  a  senior  in  the  education   access  to  the  hands-on  experi-
                                            pathway, who dropped one of her two jobs to   ence  and  training  necessary  to
                                            take the internship.                prepare  them  for  the  jobs  of
                                                “Then  my  teachers  started  telling  me,   tomorrow  and  beyond,”  said
                                            ‘You can go far with this. They’ll hold a place   Wisconsin’s  Governor.  “We’re
                                            for you.’” That’s when her passion kicked in.   glad to be awarding these funds
                                            Milena  has  two  sisters  with  special  needs.   to  21  school  districts  today   sin employers, who will be able to find workers
                                                                                so  they  can  establish  or  expand  their  fab  lab   with the right skills to allow their companies to
                                                                                programs,  which  continue  to  benefit  entire   grow and thrive.”
                                                                                communities across our state by fostering col-  The  following  school  districts  were
                                             “[t]here are so many things going   laboration,  bolstering  access  to  technology,   awarded Fab Lab Grants:
            Milton Lewis working with a student  through their little heads, you really   encouraging innovation, and inspiring the next
                                                                                generation of leaders.”
                                             have to get to know them before you                                   School District of Belleville – $15,000
            “Representation  Matters”  is  a  phrase                               The fab lab is a high-technology workshop          This is their 2nd Fab
        seen frequently in the arts and entertainment   know what’s going on with them. . . .   equipped  with  computer-controlled  manufac-  Lab Award in two years!
        industry, and it applies to education, too. “Stu-  i’ve been placed in a resource room   turing  components  such  as  3D  printers,  laser   In  the  same  week  as
        dents who have teachers who look like them   so i get to work with kids who have   engravers, computer numerical control routers   receiving  its  second  Fab
        are  much  more  successful,”  says  Alexander                          and plasma cutters. Through its Fab Lab Grant     Lab award, Belleville also
        DeBaker,  Executive  Director  of  Academies   a variety of disabilities, . . . i get to   Program, WEDC is supporting the purchase of   received  the  news  that  it
        and  Transformation  for  Racine  Academies.   see how teachers are planning.”  fab lab equipment for instructional and educa-  was  selected  as  a  PLTW
        Now, Racine is making a bid to capitalize on                            tional purposes by elementary, middle, junior   Distinguished  District  for  the  2021-22  aca-
        this  by  initiating  a  Grow-Your-Own  Educa-                          high or high school students.      demic year — one of only 13 Districts across
        tor Internship for its students in the education                           “WEDC  has  invested  more  than  $3.9   the nation (and 2 in Wisconsin) to receive such
        pathway.                            They  can’t  walk  or  talk,  and  they  commu-  million  over  the  past  seven  years  to  provide   recognition. “As a district, we believe that we
            Education pathway students already have   nicate with noise. “If ever I was a teacher, it   106 schools across the state with the equipment   are preparing students for careers in the 21st
        access to an Educators Rising chapter and dual   would be in special needs because of them,”   necessary to help students learn high-demand   century and building strong partnerships with
        enrollment  courses  through  three  area  col-  she says. “That’s why I wanted to continue in   skills, including technology, manufacturing and   local businesses and manufacturers.” — Nate
        leges.                              this pathway.”                      engineering,”  according  to  the  secretary  and   Perry,  District  Administrator  for  the  School
            The  internship  program,  which  started   Milena  is  interning  in  a  middle  school   CEO of WEDC. “Fab labs benefit not only the   District of Belleville
        last year with nine students, is tied to the state-                     students themselves with important technology
                                                        Continued on page 10    and career skills, but they also benefit Wiscon-  Continued on page 26

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