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Careers in Motion
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        Youth apprenticeship offerings — 14 new occupational pathways for Students

            DWD  announced  that  Wisconsin  high   •  Health Science, new pathways: Phlebot-
        school juniors and seniors will have 14 new   omist and Resident Aide.
        occupational  pathways  that  local  employers   •  Information  Technology,  new  pathway:
        can  support.  The  goal  of  these  latest  youth   IT Broadband Technician.
        apprenticeship  pathways  is  to  strengthen  the   •  Manufacturing,  new  pathway:  Electro-
        connections among employers, educators, stu-  mechanical/Mechatronics.
        dents, and communities.
            Working  in  collaboration  with  school   •  Transportation, Distribution, and Logis-
        consortiums,  employers,  the  Wisconsin   tics,  new  pathways: Airport  Operations
        Technical  College  System,  and  other  part-  and Management, Aviation Maintenance
        ners,  DWD  has  modernized  the  framework   Fundamentals,  Aviation  Airframe  and
        for  a  total  of  75 Youth Apprenticeship  (YA)   Powerplant Technician, Aviation Avion-
        program pathways to help industries like con-  ics Technician.
        struction, health sciences, marketing, science   “For years, our industry has been asking   had students enrolled in YA for the 2021–2022   •  State-issued skill certificate
        and  engineering,  and  transportation  find  and   the question, ‘how can we reach youth and get   school year.
        develop home-grown talent.          them interested in trees and the arboriculture   Key  elements  of  the  youth  apprentice-  Employers  interested  in  becoming  a
            DWD  has  been  working  closely  with   industry?’” said August Hoppe, co-chair of the   ship:        youth  apprenticeship  sponsor  can  find  more
        industry leaders to review and update the YA   Wisconsin Registered Arborist Apprenticeship   •  Industry-developed skill standards  information here.
        training  framework  to  ensure  students  con-  Advisory Committee and Wisconsin Arborist           
        tinue to learn the skills employers are looking   Association workforce development coordina-  •  Exposure  to  multiple  aspects  of  the   ya-employers.htm
        for.                                tor. “It was a no-brainer to work with DWD   industry                      Students interested in becoming a youth
            DWD’s  YA  Program  Modernization   to help create the nation’s first youth arborist   •  Skilled mentors assigned to train the stu-  apprentice can find more information here.
        Initiative  resulted  in  14  new  occupational   apprenticeship. It’s exciting to see the program   dents
        pathways in which local employers can offer   now  gaining  traction. The YA  is  yet  another   •  Paid on-the-job work experience  ya-applicants.htm
        apprenticeship  opportunities  to  students.   pathway  for  new  people  to  obtain  the  skills   •  Related classroom instruction concurrent
        These include:                      necessary for our industry. We are excited for   with work-based learning
          •  Agriculture,   Food,   and   Natural   the future.”                  •  Curriculum guidelines for all programs
            Resources, new pathways: Arborist and   To  update  existing  program  curricula,   •  Performance evaluation of demonstrated
            Dairy Grazier.                  DWD  staff  reached  out  to  YA  participating   competencies
                                            employers,  industry  associations,  and  other
          •  Architecture  and  Construction,  new   relevant stakeholders to gather feedback and
            pathways:  Gas  Distribution Technician,   input  regarding  the  training  and  education
            heavy  Equipment  Operator/Operating   needs.                       grow-Your-own educator internship
            Engineer, and utilities Electrical Techni-  The YA program is coordinated and pro-
            cian.                           vided around the state by consortia that often
          •  Arts,  Audio  Visual  Technology  and   consist of school districts, technical colleges,   takes flight Continued from page 1
            Communications,  new  pathway:  Media   and chambers of commerce. Of the 421 public   special   education   Milena  agrees:  “There  are  so  many  job
            Broadcast Technician.           school districts, 321 districts, or 76.2 percent,   class. “I feel like it’s   opportunities throughout the grades: cooking,
                                                                               important to be part                nursing, and other subjects.”
                                                                               of  someone’s  day,                     “We know in urban education, we need
                                                                               being  someone  to                  a  diverse  workforce,”  says  DeBaker,  “If  we
                                                                               talk to.”                           look out 4, 5, 6 years, [our internship program]
                                                                                   Relationship-                   should start to make a change.”
                                                                               building   is   also                    Article courtesy of the DPI
                                                                               top-of-mind   for   Milena Gutierrez
                                                                               senior    Milton
                                                                               Lewis who has already learned, “there are so
                                                                               many things going through their little heads,
                                                                               you really have to get to know them before you
                                                                               know what’s going on with them.”
                                                                                   “I’ve been placed in a resource room so
                                                                               I get to work with kids who have a variety of
                                                                               disabilities,” he says. “I get to see how teach-
                                                                               ers are planning.”
                                                                                   his advice to fellow students? “If anyone
                                                                               is on the verge of wanting to do an internship,
                                                                               just do it!”
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