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        Bachelor of Science in Surgical assisting

            The BSSA program at Bellin College pre-  hand daily.                Student Learning Outcomes          Student Learning Outcomes
        pares competent entry-level surgical assistants   •  Advancements in technology for surgical   (Psychomotor)  • demonstrated  entry  level  clinical  com-
        in  the  cognitive  (knowledge),  psychomo-  procedures is ongoing.       • demonstrated  the  ability  to  effectively   petency  in  operating  room  and  clinic
        tor (skills),  and affective (behavior) learning   •  A  surgeon  mentor  will  provide  hands-  assist in and manage patients for surgical   procedures.
        domains. We prepare our students to become   on supervision and teaching to advance   procedures.            •  Prepared to enter the profession as a Cer-
        an  integral  part  of  the  operating  room  team   your surgical techniques such as equip-  •  Performed  pertinent  assisting  duties  as   tif ed Surgical First Assistant.
        upon graduation.                        ment  and  tissue  handling  along  with   required of a surgical assistant.
            In  this  consecutive  three-year  program,   wound closure.                                           Program Goal 4: Students will portray lead-
        students  will  learn  the  skills  necessary  for                      Student Learning Outcomes (Affective)  ership skills.
        management of the sterile f eld and preparation   •  Throughout  clinical  rotations,  you  will   • demonstrated professional behavior and
        of the operating room, while also expanding   have the opportunity to experience mul-  effective communication skills.  Student Learning Outcomes
        their  abilities  and  knowledge  to  become  an   tiple surgical specialties.  •  Provided compassionate patient care sur-  •  Successful  completion  of  leadership
        advanced  member  of  the  surgical  team  as  a   This  program  is  the  ONLY  Bachelor’s   gically and clinically.  course.
        Surgical First Assistant. A surgical f rst assist   Degree  program  in  the  country  for  surgical         •  Served as a volunteer for a college/com-
        anticipates  the  needs  of  the  surgical  team   assisting, and provides in depth training in sur-  Program Goal 2: Students will have an under-  munity event.
        during the procedure and works closely with   gical technology, off ce practice training, and   standing and appreciation for optimum aseptic
        the surgeon by providing aid in surgical site   surgical assisting.     techniques and infection prevention.     “The  BSSA  program  at  Bellin
        exposure,  bleeding  control,  wound  closure,   Program  Goal  1:  To  prepare  competent                   College offers multiple areas of expertise
        and  performing  any  necessary  intraoperative   entry-level surgical assistants in the cognitive   Student Learning Outcomes  for  students  to  choose  from.  Gradu-
        functions that help the surgeon carry out a safe   (knowledge), psychomotor (skills), and affec-  • understood aseptic technique and infec-  ates  have  great  earning  potential  and
        operation with optimal results.     tive (behavior) learning domains to enter the   tion prevention safety.  the  opportunity  to  quickly  advance  in
            How would you like to be in a unique   profession.                    • demonstrated knowledge of sterile pro-  their  careers,  with  employment  options
        profession?                                                                 cessing principles and practices.  throughout  many  communities.  We  are
          •  Challenging  and  fast-paced  environ-  Student Learning Outcomes (Cognitive)  •  Recognized  and  corrected  contamina-  looking forward to working with students
            ment.                             •  Applied  healthcare  and  technological   tions.                    and graduates of this program.”
          •  Experience  a  variety  of  surgical  proce-  science  principles  to  the  perioperative   Program Goal 3: Students will demonstrate   — Maria Klim,
            dures and patients.                 environment.                    entry-level competency in surgical assisting.   Vice President of Surgery
          •  A profession that changes the quality of   • demonstrated  knowledge  of  surgical                                  and Anesthesia Services,
            patient’s lives.                    assisting principles and scope of practice.                                             Bellin Hospital
          •  Get to experience human anatomy f rst-

                    A career in healthcare offers you the opportunity

                            to make a difference in the lives of others

           Get your bachelor's degree in just 3 years in the following:

           • Nursing                           • Radiation Therapy
           • Radiologic Sciences               • Surgical Assisting

           Why choose Bellin College?
              $  Direct-entry programs                   $  Experienced, knowledgeable faculty
              $  Get your bachelor's degree in three years  $  Extensive hands-on and clinical practice
              $   Degrees for high-demand careers with    $   Licensure exam pass rates exceed
                excellent earning potential                national averages
              $  A focused curriculum                    $   Transfer courses accepted from accredited
              $  Small class sizes                         two and four-year colleges

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           Bellin College is an equal opportunity educator and employer.     |  Green Bay, WI  |  (920) 433-6650
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