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Careers in Motion — Health
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                 Luxemburg-Casco School District: Area Districts Collaborate with

                 Bellin College to Offer Healthcare Career Pathway

                                                                                   “We are excited about this new partner-  of  post-secondary  opportunities  and  busi-
                                                                                ship with bellin College and bellin Health,”   ness partnerships, combined with work-based
                                                                                says  Mike  Snowberry,  director  of  learning   curriculum,  the  bellin  College  Healthcare
                                                                                services  for  the  Luxemburg-Casco  School   Academy  will  give  our  students  an  extra
                                                                                District.  “by  the  three  neighboring  districts   advantage after graduating from high school.”
                                                                                coming together, we are able to offer our stu-  Students who complete the bellin College
                                                                                dents more coursework choices as they select   Healthcare  Academy  coursework  while  in
                                                                                career pathways. We already are seeing strong   high  school  have  the  potential  to  receive  a
                                                                                interest among our students in these classes.”  bachelor’s  degree  in  nursing  at  bellin  after
                                                                                   “The bellin College Healthcare Academy   only  two  additional  years  of  post-secondary
                                                                                is a partnership that allows us to create ‘real-  study.  Students  essentially  will  have  com-
                                                                                life’  career  and  academic  experiences  for   pleted the entire first year of study at Bellin
                                                                                Kewaunee High School students interested in   while in high school. The normal degree pro-
                                                                                the healthcare field,” says Kewaunee School   gression at bellin is eight semesters over three
                                                                                District  Superintendent  Scott  Fritz.  “College   years, including two summer sessions.
                                                                                is  an  expensive  career  exploration  program,   bellin  has  prior  and  current  engage-
                                                                                so our hope is to create as many opportunities   ment  with  area  high  school  students  around
                                                                                for our students to experience career pathway   upper-level  science  courses,  but  this  will  be
                                                                                opportunities while still in high school.”  its first complete, fully immersive experience,
            Three  Green  bay-area  school  districts   funding  at  their  respective  scheduled  meet-  “The  real  importance  of  participating   according to Phil Schaible, director of sports
        have  been  collaborating  with  bellin  College   ings, and students now are in the classrooms   in the bellin College Healthcare Academy is   medicine and orthopedics for bellin Health.
        to  offer  their  high  school  students  new  cur-  after registering for courses that began in the   to fulfill the mission of the Denmark School   “From our perspective, this partnership is
        riculum  that  leads  to  a  career  pathway  in   first semester of the 2022-23 school year.  District, which is to provide the highest level   a win for everyone,” says Schaible. “It is con-
        healthcare.  Students  from  the  Luxemburg-  bellin  College  currently  offers  individ-  of educational programming to ensure student   sistent with the bellin mission and vision for
        Casco, Kewaunee and Denmark districts will   ual  healthcare-focused  courses  at  area  high   success  within  school  and  beyond,”  says   our community to be as healthy as it can be,
        come together to participate in a pathway into   schools,  but  this  will  be  its  first  full-scale   School  District  of  Denmark  Administrator   and for us to give back to the community. We
        the bellin College Healthcare Academy.  healthcare  program.  Participating  students   Luke  Goral.  “With  the  current,  exceptional   not only are supporting the school districts, but
            The  board  of  Education  of  the  three   can earn up to 42 college credits while in high   job  market  and  the  ever-increasing  cost  of
        school districts approved the curriculum and   school.                  post-secondary  education,  taking  advantage   Continued on Page 11

        Career Spotlight — Registered Nurse

        Registered Nurse (RN)                   and programs to protect and promote the   •  Supervised clinical experience is provided   programs require at least 1 to 2 years of
        Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN),      health of inmates and persons who work   in hospital departments such as Pediatrics,   clinical  experience  as  an  RN  for  admis-
        Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing (BSN)  with inmates.                  Psychiatry, Maternity, and Surgery.  sion. Upon completion of a program, most
        Specializations                       •  Occupational  Health  Nurse  —  applies   •  All  states  require  periodic  renewal  of   advanced practice nurses become nation-
            Nurses  can  specialize  in  their  area  of   nursing  skills  in  the  work  environment   license,  which  may  involve  continuing   ally certified in their area of specialty.
        practice  which  include  hospital,  home,  aca-  by  caring  for  and  offering  education  to   education.  •  The  advanced  nursing  program  option
        demic, government, business, industry, medical   employees.             Helpful High School Courses and        of Master’s Degree Nurse Practitioner is
        service, and the community at large. Nurses can   •  Nurse Practitioner — gives general care   Experiences     transitioning  into  the  Doctor  of  Nursing
        obtain  on-going  education  through  master’s   and  treatment  to  patients  and  consults                   (DNP).
        degree or doctorate degree preparation.  with physician on patient care. May spe-  •  Students should take a college preparatory   Salary
          •  Infection  Control  Nurse  —  distributes   cialize in particular area such as neonatal   curriculum.   •  Typical  Salary  Range  (2014)  (Wiscon-
            information  to  hospital  personnel  on   care.                      •  Helpful high school courses would include   sin): $50,000 to $87,800 per year.
            communicable  diseases  and  coordinates   •  Nurse  Midwife  —  delivers  babies  and   biology, chemistry and physics, anatomy   •  Typical Salary Range (2014) (National):
            hospital infection control program.   gives medical care and treatment to preg-  & physiology, Medical Terminology, and   $45,900 to $98,900 per year.
          •  Community  Health  Nurse  —  applies   nant  mothers  under  supervision  of  an   psychology.          •  Head Nurse: Average: $90,450
            nursing  skills  in  the  community  by   obstetrician.             Advancement Opportunities
            instructing individuals and families about   •  Nurse  Anesthetist  —  administers  anes-  •  Advancement  opportunities  are  often   •  Nurse Supervisor: Average: $79,640
            health education and disease prevention.   thetics  to  patients  as  prescribed  by  an   broader for those who have a bachelor’s  Employment Information
          •  Public  Health  Nurse  —  applies  knowl-  anesthesiologist.           (bSN) or Master’s Degree (MSN).  (Wisconsin)
            edge  from  nursing,  social  science  and   Education and Training   •  Some go into teaching or research or do   •  Number Employed in 2012: 57,990
            public health to promote and protect the   •  Students must graduate from and accred-  advanced  degrees  to  become  nurse  spe-  •  Expected Employment in 2022: 65,940
            health  of  individuals,  families  and  com-  ited Nursing school and receive either an   cialists or nurse practitioners.
            munities.                           Associate’s  Degree  in  Nursing  (ADN),   •  All four advance practice nursing special-  •  Percent  Employment  Growth  (2012-
          •  School Nurse — contributes to the devel-  which usually takes 2 years oR a bach-  ties  –-(1)  Clinical  Nurse  Specialist,  (2)   2022): 14%
            opment of health plans and school health   elor of Science Degree in Nursing (bSN),   Nurse Anesthetists, (3) Nurse Midwives,   •  Expected Annual Openings: 1,920
            programs  to  protect  and  promote  the   which usually takes 4-5 years to complete.  and (4) Nurse Practitioner require at least   Source:  Wisconsin  AHEC  Health  Careers
            health of students and persons who work   •  Curriculum  might  include:  Nursing   a  Master’s  Degree.  Most  programs  last   Information Center
            with students.                      fundamentals,  Nursing  pharmacology,   about 2 years and require a bSN degree.
          •  Correctional/Jail Health Nurse — con-  Nursing-health  promotion,  and  Nursing   In Wisconsin one MUST have a bSN to
            tributes to the development of health plans   management concepts.      go on for a Master’s Degree (MSN). Some
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