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        Energy Resources for Classroom Use

        EIA Energy Kids                     Energy Literacy Video Series        Website:  eChangelive electronic field trips are a way
                                                                                                                   to learn about climate change science directly
            energy Kids is a student-friendly website   A series of streaming videos about energy                  from climate experts, educators, and students.
        hosted  by  the  U.S.  Department  of  energy,   princples  that  can  be  used  in  the  classroom  Climate Literacy and Energy   This distance learning adventure provides an
        energy  information  Administration  (eiA).   along with sample lessons that accompany the   Awareness Network  amazing collection of science-based, climate
        The site includes a variety of information and   videos, student guides and teacher guides.                education resources and programs, aligned to
        activities  about  energy  organized  in  several   Website:  The  CleAN  Collection  of  Climate  and   national science education standards.
        main  categories:  What  is  energy?,  Sources   downloads/energy-literacy-videos  Energy Educational Resources A collection of   Website:
        of  energy,  Using  &  Saving  energy,  History                         700+ free, ready-to-use learning resources rig-
        of  Energy,  Games  and Activities,  for  Teach-  Pizza Box Solar Oven  orously reviewed by educators and scientists   BioenergizeME Infographic
        ers, Related Links, Energy Calculators, and a                           suitable for secondary through higher educa-
        Glossary. Using energy Kids provides students   A  straightforward  student  activity  that   tion classrooms.  Challenge
        with  the  opportunity  to  learn  about  energy   can be adapted for all grade levels on how to   Website:  The  BioenergizeME  Infographic  Chal-
        while improving research and reading skills.  build a solar oven out of a pizza box.                       lenge  is  suitable  for  both  classroom  and
        Website:           Website:  Climate and Energy Toolbox    independent educational use and is designed to
                                              downloads/build-pizza-box-solar-oven-0                               provide an opportunity for educators to incor-
                                                                                   Science-based,  interdisciplinary  models
        Nico’s Energy Activities for Kids   Connect! Transform the Future,      of  education and  public  engagement  support   porate arts-based learning of STeM into their
            Downloadable  workbooks,  featuring                                 learners  of  all  levels  and  foster  climate  and   classrooms.
                                                                                                                       In  the  classroom  environment,  students
        Nico the Ninja, teaching kids about electrical   from National Geographic  energy literacy and action. Armed with new-  learn  to  present  bioenergizeMe  projects  in
        safety and saving energy.               A  series  of  activities  for  grades  4–12   found knowledge and skills, students will be   the  form  of  infographics,  which  is  an  inter-
        Website:  designed by National Geographic to comple-  able to develop their own action plans - in their   esting  and  quick  way  to  communicate  ideas
           learning-center                  ment the themes of the electropolis 3D film   own communities or on a global scale.  and educate others. A strong BioenergizeME
                                            and the Plan It Green: The Big Switch! game.   Website:  infographic  should  convey  a  well-focused
        Energy Detectives                   These free, standards-based, online education   teaching-climate-energy  message that is predominantly image-led and
                                            resources were developed for formal and infor-
            Students  explore  the  classroom  as  they   mal educators to engage students in science,  Climate Change Live: A Distance   that a general audience can understand in just
        look and feel for signs of energy. They record   social studies, and geography concepts related            a few minutes.
        the ways they use energy throughout a typical   to  energy.  These  resources  provide  innova-  Learning Adventure  Website:
        day in an energy detective journal.   tive strategies and approaches to teach about   A series of webcasts, webinars, and online   infographic-challenge
        Website:  complex energy topics in the classroom.  climate  education  resources.  The  Climat-



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