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        2022 WI Principals of the Year AWSA

            Each  year,  AWSA  asks  teachers,   the Year. by focussing on bringing a school   racial  and  socio-economic  backgrounds,   her school. As a result, the school has made
        parents,  staff  and  administrators  to  nomi-  community together around a shared vision   with as many as 13 languages spoken at the   notable improvements and has navigated the
        nate  principals  for  the  award. The  winners   and employing thoughtful, research-proven   school in any given year.   many  challenges  of  the  pandemic  in  truly
        are  selected  by  a  committee  made  up  of   efforts, Stephanie Filter is truly an outstand-  One  of  Dr.  Ebbe’s  first  steps  upon   thoughtful and effective ways. This honor is
        representatives from AWSA, the Wisconsin   ing  educational  leader,”  said  Jim  Lynch,   taking  on  the  principal  role  was  to  engage   certainly well deserved.”
        Department of Public Instruction, the Wis-  executive  director  of AWSA.  “beyond  the   the  school  community  into  a  conversation   Prior to serving as principal of CHMS,
        consin Association of School boards and the   academic  success  of  her  students,  Stepha-  centered  on  the  book,  “Stamped:  Racism,   Dr. Ebbe was principal of Shorewood Hills
        Wisconsin PTA.                      nie  Filter  has  a  track  record  of  success  in   Antiracism,  and  You,”  by  Jason  Reynolds   Elementary  School  in  MMSD.  She  began
            The principal of the Year award recog-  meeting  the  needs  of  all  of  her  students,   and Ibram x. Kendi. The school used grant   her  career  in  education  as  a  high  school
        nizes school leaders who have helped drive   including her most vulnerable students.”  funds  to  purchase  750  copies  of  the  book,   science and math teacher.
        student learning, foster instructional collab-  before becoming principal of Madison   and  differentiated  lessons  were  crafted  for   Courtesy  of  the  Association  of  Wisconsin
        oration and create safe and positive school   Elementary  in  2014,  Filter  served  as  a   students  and  parents.  Families  shared  that   School Administrators
        environments. Recipients are selected based   Student  Services  Specialist  and  Dean  of   the  book  was  transformative  learning  and
        on  their  dedication  to  professional  excel-  Student/Social Worker in the School District   students identified instances of racism they
        lence, leadership skills and service to their   of Janesville.          experienced  and  voiced  recognition  of  the
        communities.                           “Stephanie  has  worked  hard  with  her   need to lift each other. Staff members articu-  cherokee.madison.
                                            team  to  deliver  on  our  Janesville  Promise   lated  how  systemic  racism  has  impacted
        2022 Elementary Principal           of  having  every  student  known  by  name,   teaching and learning.
                                            strength,  and  need,”  said  Steven  Pophal,
                                                                                   Dr. Ebbe’s leadership has resulted in a
        of the Year Stephanie Filter        Superintendent  of  the  School  District  of   school culture committed to antiracism and a
                                            Janesville. “She will be the first to say it is a   healthy, safe and engaged learning environ-
                                            team effort, but her leadership has certainly   ment.
                                            helped the entire staff at Madison Elemen-  “on  behalf  of  AWSA,  I  am  thrilled
                                            tary School remain focused on doing what is   to  recognize  Dr.  Anuradha  Ebbe  with  the
                                            best for students.”                 Wisconsin Secondary Principal of the Year
                                                                                Award,”  said  Jim  Lynch,  executive  direc-
                                                                                tor of AWSA. “During her time at Cherokee
                                                 madison.janesville.            Heights, Dr. Ebbe has been willing to have
                                                             difficult  conversations  with  students,  staff
                                                                                and families that ultimately lead to a health-
                                                                                ier,  positive  and  more  inclusive  culture  at

                                            2022 Secondary Principal of
                                            the Year Dr. Anuradha Ebbe
                                                                                   Become a leader

            The  Association  of  Wisconsin  School                                in education
        Administrators  has  named  Stephanie  Filter
        its 2022 Wisconsin Elementary Principal of
        the Year. She was presented with the award
        during a surprise ceremony on April 14th.
            Filter, who has served as the principal                                Accredited education to advance your career.
        of Madison Elementary in the School Dis-                                   Programs and certificates ranging from the initial
        trict of Janesville for the past eight years, is                           teaching licensure to a Doctorate in Educational
        known as a collaborative leader who focuses
        on  bringing  people  together  around  shared                             Leadership. Our flexible online and hybrid
        goals. over the years, Principal Filter and the                            programs are designed for working adults.
        staff at Madison worked to identify efforts
        that  would  lead  to  improved  educational
        outcomes  by  employing  research-proven                                   • Online, accelerated eight-week terms
        programs and developing a positive culture.                                • Complete in 2 years
        Filter attended Madison Elementary School   The  Association  of  Wisconsin  School
        as a child.                         Administrators  has  named  Dr.  Anuradha
            A former social worker, Principal Filter   Ebbe  as  its  2022  Wisconsin  Secondary
        worked  with  a  team  at  Madison  Elemen-  Principal  of  the  year.  Dr.  Ebbe  has  served
        tary  to  collaboratively  rewrite  the  school’s   as  principal  of  Cherokee  Heights  Middle
        mission  statement  and  ensure  that  students   School in the Madison Metropolitan School
        understand  it.  While  students’  needs  are   District for the past two years. During that
        ever-changing and the pandemic has intro-  time, she has focused on viewing diversity
        duced new challenges, Madison Elementary   as a strength, implementing even disciplin-
        School staff, under Principal Filter’s leader-  ary  practices  and  incorporating  antiracist
        ship,  have  developed  a  culture  of  positive   practices into the school.
        problem  solving  and  an  ongoing  focus  on   CHMS is a Title I school that offers both
        the school’s mission.               an  English  Language  Immersion  program
            “We  are  thrilled  to  name  Stephanie   and  a  Spanish  dual  language  immersion
        Filter as this year’s Elementary Principal of   program.  Its  students  come  from  diverse
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