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Careers in Motion — Apprenticeships
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        Apprenticeships Soar with School-Based Career Coaches

            The Ahnapee Youth Apprenticeship  Con-  who they are as             the  result.  His                  within the school to truly make this a part of the
        sortium in northeastern Wisconsin is placing a   an   individual        career   coach                     school."
        jaw-dropping average of 25 percent of its juniors   and  then  how      reframed   the                         Mentoring  is  central  to  the  position. one
        and  seniors  in  Youth  Apprenticeship  (YA)—a   that   correlates     results   for                      of  Janisch's  students,  a  shy  girl  who  lacked
        sharp  contrast  to  the  4.5  percent  average   to  various  types    him,   saying                      confidence, wanted to work with kids. She was
        statewide. The consortium includes Luxemburg-  of  positions.  .  .     the  assessment                    placed at a local daycare, but the student was
        Casco (LC), Kewaunee, and the five high schools   . You can't have      indicated   that                   later terminated. "Since I was able to get all of
        in Door County. The secret? School-based career   a  solid  youth       he  was  cre-                      the feedback from her employer ...she and I sat
        coaches. It’s a new role that is reshaping how   apprenticeship         ative and might                    down  and  worked  through  what  the  problems
        business and education work together to prepare   program  if  you      like   hands-on                    were," says Janisch.
        students for life after high school.  don't  have  that  strong  Academic  and  Career   intricate  work,  but  maybe  "jewelry  designer"   "We were able to have her apply to another
            The school-based career coach is essentially   Planning (ACP) focus in the front.”  missed the mark. Subsequently, he decided to try   daycare,"  she  says.  The  student  was  "incred-
        a YA  coordinator,  who  is  physically  relocated   As  a  result,  the  scope  of  school-based   welding.  ibly successful there. [And the new employer]
        from  a  CESA  into  a  school  and  is  dedicated   coaches  has  grown  to  include  supporting  or   "Then  we  really  work  to  partner  with   paid for all of her courses to become a certified
        to  working  with  students  on  career  readiness.   coordinating  ACP  in  the  schools  where  they   various businesses and the community to provide   daycare  teacher."  The  experience  went  from
        According to Jennifer Johnson, Director of the   work.  For  example,  when  a  xello  assessment   them some of those job shadowing opportunities   being just a "low-point" to a "true learning expe-
        Consortium, the job involves “working with stu-  indicated that LC student Joey Chervenka should   or ultimately that capstone experience of a youth   rience."
        dents to help them identify, first and foremost,   go into jewelry design, he was disappointed with   apprenticeship or an internship," she adds.  The YA placement rate at Kewaunee is 33
                                                                                   Erica  Janisch,  school-based  coach  at   percent,  reports  Janisch  proudly.  "We  have  a
        Student Overcomes Challenges, Wins Top Gold                             Kewaunee High School, says "We are not only   larger percentage of student success rate because
                                                                                working  directly  with  the  students,  but  we're
                                                                                                                   we're actually building that rapport with the stu-
                                                                                also   working                     dents."
        Diane Ryberg, Education Consultant and   Like other CTSos (DECA, FbLA, FFA,   directly with . .                Jennifer  Johnson  is  more  than  enthusias-
        FCCLA State Advisor, Career and Technical   HoSA, and SkillsUSA), FCCLA is a national   .  school  coun-   tic about the new venture. "This is a potential
        Education Team, Wisconsin Department of   organization  that  helps  students  develop   selors,  with  the   solution  to  the  workforce  shortage  that  we're
        Public Instruction                  life-long  skills  such  as  interpersonal  skills,   academic  and    experiencing in the state of Wisconsin as well
            All  students  have  challenges,  yet  how   teamwork,  and  setting  and  achieving  goals.   career  planning   and  really  helping  businesses  see  that,  if  we
        often do they overcome them to be named best   Membership also fosters and develops positive   [ACP]  commit-  partner, we're building this future workforce."
        in the nation in something? This story is about   leadership  skills—planning,  problem-solving,   tees.  We're  part   Article  courtesy  of  the  WI  DPI  Success
        Taylen  Kowalski,  a  senior  at  Stevens  Point   and  decision-making.  FCCLA  is  for  students   of  all  of  those   Stories
        Area Senior High this year, who won Top Gold   in FCS education in public and private school   organizations
        in her career and technical student organization   through grade 12 and is the only CTSo with
        (CTSo) event at the national conference in San   family as its central focus.
        Diego last summer, and along with it, a college   Taylen says she especially liked FCCLA’s
        scholarship.                        community service projects, including making
            While this story is about a hard-working   and donating Halloween capes to the local chil-
        student,  it’s  also  about  caring,  supportive,   dren’s hospital, selling dirt cups to raise funds,   We are here for you,
        and inspiring teachers along the way and the   and making and donating Christmas wreaths to
        CTSos  that  often  have  an  outsized  role  in   area nursing facilities.        and because of you!
        developing students’ passion in a career area.  She  admits  sheepishly,  “during  the  pan-
            An easily distracted student when she was   demic  it  was  easy  to  hide  behind  a  mask.”
        young, Taylen had good teachers. She credits   Nevertheless,  “I’ve  grown  in  my  ability  in
        her 5th and 6th                     public  speaking  and  connections  in  showing
        grade  teacher,                     passion to others,” adds Taylen in amazement   Schools  across  the  state  of
        for   example,                      at her increased confidence.         Wisconsin  all  benefit  from  the
        with  “making                           “Competitive  events  strengthen  skills,
        a   difference”                     forge friendships, and make a positive differ-  participation  of  readers  like  you.
        in  her  life  by                   ence  in  today’s  world,”  she  says.  And  they   by  sharing  your  teaching  tips
        setting   clear                     made a huge difference to Taylen.    and program ideas, you provide a
        expectations                            Last year, she became interested in being
        and    requir-                      a  teacher  and  competed  in  FCCLA’s  Teach   positive contribution to educational
        ing  her  to  be                    and Train, an individual event that recognizes   community in the state.
        accountable.  Her  teacher  also  demanded  that   members  who  demonstrate  their  ability  to
        Taylen be more organized, talk less, pay atten-  explore and experience the career of teaching   Send your ideas, articles, and
        tion, exert self-control, and take on challenges.  or training. Participants prepare a portfolio of   teaching tips to:
            With an increasing ability to focus, Taylen   the teaching/training career, execute a complete
        really  enjoyed  Family  Consumer  Science   lesson/workshop  plan  and  an  oral  presenta-
        (FCS)  classes.  She  says  the  FCS  teachers   tion,  and  complete  a  shadowing  experience   Phone: 715-360-4875
        were inspiring and really mentored her, espe-  of a “best practices” educator. Taylen created
        cially brett Lesniak, who remains a role model   a  sequence  of  three  lesson  plans  in  personal
        for  her. Taylen  took  many  FCS  classes. And   financial literacy and won at the regional level.
        because her sister, who is older by five years,   Then, she brought home the Top Gold in
        had  been  an  FCCLA  member,  Taylen  “felt   Teach and Train from the national competition.  Thank you, to all our past, present and
        comfortable” with FCCLA and understood the   With her history, is it any wonder that she
        competitive events. And, says Taylen, her advi-  wants to teach FCS at the middle/high school   future contributors!
        sors’ expectations for her were to assist other   levels?
        students and look beyond behavior and provide   Courtesy of the WI DPI
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