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        National Honors! 2024 u.S. Department of Education Green ribbon Schools

                                            Hawthorne Elementary                (MMSD)  and  the  Green  Schools  Consor-  birding activities, we learn about Wisconsin
                                                                                                                   native plants and trees that are on our school-
                                                                                tium of Milwaukee, Hawthorne was able to
                                            School – Milwaukee                  have approximately 35,813 sq. ft. of asphalt   yard  and  learn  about  the  purpose  of  our
                                                                                removed and replaced with new green space   bioswales and how our school helps provide
                                                                                and  mixed-use  recreation  and  educational   stormwater management to the community.
                                                                                areas. Our schoolyard has an outdoor class-  Green Team Club students are learning about
                                                                                room  area  and  green  infrastructure  that   growing plants, creating a school vegetable
                                                                                includes bioswales and a large underground   garden, composting practices, and planting a
                                                                                cistern.  Additionally,  the  inclusion  of  a   pollinator garden. Hawthorne students help
            Two Milwaukee schools, an early learn-
        ing  center  in  Madison,  and  a  school  district                     variety  of  native  plants,  allow  for  unique   maintain  our  schoolyard  by  doing  weekly
        in  Eagle  River  have  been  named  2024  U.S.                         spaces on the schoolyard that can represent   trash cleanups, educating students and staff
        Department  of  Education  Green  Ribbon                                natural  Wisconsin  ecosystems.  The  plan   on recycling practices, how to take care of
        Schools.                                                                manages  approximately  84,353  gallons  of   the plants, birds, and animals we may see,
            The  U.S.  Department  of  Education’s                              stormwater  per  rain  event.  As  part  of  the   and keeping an eye on our native plantings
        Green  Ribbon  Schools  Program  recognizes                             redevelopment,  39  new  trees  were  planted   and trees.
        schools  and  districts  across  the  nation  that                      and 5,000 square feet of native habitat was   Teachers  have  attended  the  annual
        have  ongoing  efforts  to  reduce  environmen-                         restored.                          Green  &  Healthy  Schools  Conference  for
        tal impacts and costs, improve the health and                              Hawthorne  School  has  been  able  to   several years and participated in many activi-
        wellness  of  schools,  students,  and  staff,  and                     reduce environmental impacts and costs by   ties. In 2023, our team was recognized for our
        provide  effective  environmental  and  sustain-  Hawthorne  Elementary  has  been   installing LED lighting within the building,   green and healthy efforts at the GHS Confer-
        ability education.                  actively  working  on  reducing  environmen-  using computer power management settings   ence and voted by our peers and guests by
            Wisconsin’s  2024  U.S.  Department  of   tal impacts and costs, improving the health   on the computers and smartboards, monitor-  winning  Green  Principal,  Green  Educator,
        Education Green Ribbon schools are:  and wellness of our staff and students, and   ing energy costs by tracking monthly energy   Most  Supportive  Building  Engineer  and
                                                                                consumption  and  costs,  and  removing  per-
                                                                                                                   Most Engaged Green Team of the year.
           •  Hawthorne  Elementary,  Milwaukee   working  to  increase  environmental  literacy   sonal appliances.
            Public Schools                  by  redeveloping  our  schoolyard,  provid-  Our after-school Green Team Club has
          •  Parkside School for the Arts, Milwau-  ing  students  with  extracurricular  activities,   over 20 students from 1st through 5th grade   schools.milwaukee.
            kee Public Schools              learning experiences in nature, and making   participating.  All  Hawthorne  students  and
          •  Creative  Learning  Preschool  and   improvements to our building.  staff are welcome to be a part of the after-
                                               Through  a  grant  with  Ref o,  the  Mil-
            Child Care Center, Madison      waukee  Metropolitan  Sewerage  District   school Green Team Club! Students and staff
          •  Northland Pines School District                                    in the Green Team Club participate in urban     Continued on page 14

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