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Careers in Motion
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                    Kenosha’s CTE Pathways

                                                                                materials.  Courses  in  business,  marketing,   CTE pathways provided by KuSD:
                                                                                culinary, healthcare, and technology education   •  Advanced manufacturing and
                                                                                offer students the ability to earn dual credit.  automation/robotics
                                                                                   High  school  students  also  have  an   •  Apparel, textile and fashion
                                                                                opportunity  to  receive  certifications  in  a
                                                                                variety  of  areas,  including  Certified  Nursing   •  Architecture and construction
                                                                                Assistant,  Snap-on  certifications,  advanced   •  Automotive
                                                                                manufacturing,  3D-printing  and  computer   •  Business management and administra-
                                                                                software  certifications. This  affords  them  the   tion
                                                                                opportunity to begin working in a career field   •  Computer science
                                                                                immediately  after  high  school  without  addi-  •  Culinary
                                                                                tional training.
                                                                                   In  an  effort  to  continuously  improve,   •  Digital technology
                                                                                KuSD  recently  expanded  its  offerings  in   •  Early childhood and education
                                                                                the  early  childhood  and  education  pathway.   •  Health science
                                                                                Through  dual  credit  courses  taught  by  high   •  Interior design
                                                                                school  teachers,  students  are  able  to  earn   •  Manufacturing
                                                                                their  Group  Child  Care  Essentials  certificate   •  Marketing sales and service
                                                                                through the same technical college. In addition,
                                                                                students interested in the teaching profession   •  STEM/engineering/Project Lead the
                                                                                can  jumpstart  their  postsecondary  education   Way
                                                                                thanks  to  the  Educator’s  rising  dual  credit   The  independent  governmental  body
        Kenosha Unified School District     tive, engineering, manufacturing, or any of the   program,  which  was  formed  in  partnership   known as the Kenosha Unified School District
            Situated  perfectly  between  Milwaukee   other pathways listed below, Kenosha Unified   among KuSD and two 4-year colleges.  was created in 1967 but was built on a founda-
        and Chicago along Interstate 94, the Kenosha   has courses that will support their passion and   To further support students’ desire to learn   tion  of  educational  excellence  established  by
        Unified  School  District  continues  to  enhance   provide them with a strong foundation of tech-  about possible career paths, KuSD offers the   area schools as early as 1835, a full 13 years
        K-12  learning  opportunities  for  all  students.   nical knowledge and skills early on in life.    Youth Apprenticeship program that integrates   before Wisconsin even became a state. Today,
        Matching  the  economic  growth  happening   The  district’s  cutting-edge,  rigorous  and   school-  and  work-based  learning  to  develop   Kenosha Unified consists of three high schools
        along the Milwaukee to Chicago Interstate 94   relevant  CTE  curriculum  prepares  students   their employability and occupational skills as   (grades  9–12),  five  middle  schools  (grades
        corridor, KuSD’s Career and Technical Edu-  for a wide range of high-wage, high-skill and   defined by Wisconsin industries. Students are   6–8),  22  elementary  schools  (4K–5),  five
        cation  (CTE)  program  continues  to  evolve   high-demand careers, as well as postsecondary   simultaneously  enrolled  in  academic  classes   charter schools, five choice schools, one spe-
        and grow opportunities reflective of the local   coursework and certifications.   to  meet  high  school  graduation  requirements   cialty school, one Head Start facility and one
        economy.                               In addition, high school students can earn   and are employed and paid by a participating   district office.
            KuSD offers a variety of CTE pathways   credits  toward  graduation  while  also  earning   employer  under  the  supervision  of  a  skilled
        to middle and high school students that com-  free college credits through courses offered by   mentor.  Youth  Apprenticeship  participants
        plement core academic subjects in an effort to   a nearby technical college. The college courses   work a minimum of 450 hours during the cal-
        prepare  students  for  both  college  and  career.    are  taught  by  KuSD’s  high  school  teachers   endar year to earn a Certificate of Occupational
        Whether  a  student  is  interested  in  automo-  using  the  same  college  level  textbooks  and   Proficiency upon completion.

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                                                                                                              Explore Transportation in

           Discovering CTE Pathways!                                                                          Wisconsin and see how schools
                                                                                                              are integrating transportation
             An opportunity to highlight and share about the                                                  programs such as automotive
                       CTE programs in your schools!                                                          and aviation into the classroom!

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