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                 Congratulations 2022 School Social Worker of the Year Carla Vorpahl!

                                                orative team to bring free school-based
                                                mental health programs to Sheboygan
                                              •  Trained over 800 educators in trauma   WCSS Distinguished Teacher of the Year
                                                informed practices.                  Do you know an outstanding social   The  teacher  does  not  need  to  be  a
                                                Though  Carla’s  accomplishments  are   studies teacher who deserves recognition?    current  WCSS  member.  Winners  will
                                            many, it is undeniable that her greatest gift   The Wisconsin Council for the Social   receive one year of FREE WCSS mem-
                                            is how she supports others. In the words of   Studies  (WCSS)  honors  three  Distin-  bership,  FREE  2023  WCSS  Conference
                                            her  school’s  principal,  “My  confidence  in   guished Teachers of the Year (elementary,   registration, and a plaque.
                                            Carla  vorpahl  is  unmatched  as  she  moves   middle,  and  high  school)  at  the  WCSS   Completed  applications  —  letter(s)
                                            people forward. She continually empowers   Conference.  Please  consider  nominating   of  support,  resume,  and  professional
                                            those  around  her  to  work  not  only  harder   a  worthy  social  studies  teacher.  You  are   belief statement, and short bio — must be
                                            but smarter. I would follow her anywhere.   encouraged to nominate one candidate for   received by January 31, 2023.
                                            So should we all.”                    each of the three categories: elementary,   Winners  will  be  notified  early  in
                                                Congratulations  again  Carla  on  an   middle, and high school.   February 2023.
                                            extremely well-deserved award!                                             Please  contact  Alisha  or  Angela  at
            Carla M. vorpahl has devoted over 20   Courtesy of the Wisconsin DPI.  Award Criteria          with  any  ques-
        years  of  her  career  to  serving  students  as                           •  Teacher must be a full-time teacher   tions.
        a  school  social  worker  in  the  Sheboygan                                 teaching K–12 social studies.
        Area School District in eastern Wisconsin.                                  •  Teacher must be recognized by col-
        Carla’s  accomplishments  are  many.  In  her           leagues as an excellent social studies
        capacity working in schools, Carla:                                           teacher.
          •  Formed and championed diversity and                                    •  Teacher  must  utilize  social  studies
            inclusion initiatives, such as a Hmong                                    strategies that foster inquiry and the
            girls’  student  leadership  group  and                                   development of social studies.
            the Harbor Program for students with
            mental  health  or  special  education                                  •  Teacher must have an ongoing inter-
            needs                                                                     est in improving his/her knowledge
                                                                                      and  skills  in  social  studies  instruc-
          •  Established a food pantry to serve her                                   tion.
            school community
          •  Was an important member of a collab-

                                                                                    Providing leadership &

                                                                                   inspiration for learning

                                                                                   Masters degree in Curriculum & Instruction

                                                                                   Additional Graduate degrees in:

                                                                                     •  Educational Psychology
                                                                                     •  Administrative Leadership
                                                                                     •  Cultural Foundations of Education
                                                                                     •  Exceptional Education

              UWM.EDU/EDUCATION                                                For more information:
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