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                     Wisconsin's Superintendent of the Year is Dan Olson,

                     Monona Grove School District

                                            as an educator. He is being recognized for his   said. “our teachers and staff, our students and   education, Dan’s focus has been on ensuring
                                            leadership in the district’s initiatives on equity,   families,  and  our  community  are  dedicated,   all students have the resources and opportuni-
                                            institutional practices, mental health and well-  hard working, and supportive. It is a privilege   ties to succeed. This award is a reflection of the
                                            being, and engagement—among others.  to serve as superintendent of Monona Grove.”  amazing things he has done for the students,
                                               over the last several years, public schools   WASDA will present the 2023 Wisconsin   staff, and families of his school district.”
                                            and their leaders have faced enormous chal-  Superintendent of the Year award to olson at   Since  its  inception,  WASDA’s  Super-
                                            lenges. Despite all the difficulties, Dr. Olson   the  joint  WASb/WASDA/WASbo  Conven-  intendent  of  the  Year  program  has  become
                                            leads with compassion, empathy, and human-  tion in Milwaukee in January 2023.  widely acknowledged as the most prestigious
                                            ity. He encourages staff to focus on moments   Dr.  olson  is  in  his  10th  year  as  the   honor a Wisconsin school system leader can
                                            of  joy  and  positive  experiences.  He  empha-  superintendent of the Monona Grove School   receive. Criteria include successfully meeting
                                            sizes that the growth students achieve and the   District. He previously served for eight years   the  needs  of  students,  personal  and  organi-
                                            connections  built  in  classrooms  and  beyond   as  the  superintendent  of  the  Campbellsport   zational  communication,  professionalism,
                                            are reflections of the work teachers and staff   School District, and for  five years  as  a  high   participation  in  local  community  activities,
                                            do.                                 school  principal  in  the  Campbellsport  and   and  an  understanding  of  regional,  national,
                                               Dr.  olson  has  established  the  Monona   Northern ozaukee school districts. His career   and international issues.
                                            Grove  School  District  as  a  place  where  the   as  an  educator  includes  13  years  as  a  high   Courtesy of the WASDA
        Congratulations Dan!                floors and walls are not what make the schools   school  math  teacher  and  coach  in  Wausau,
            The  Wisconsin  Association  of  School   vibrant—it is the people, the sense of belong-  Hortonville, and Northern ozaukee.
        District  Administrators  has  named  Monona   ing,  and  the  community  created  and  built   “It is an honor and a privilege to present
        Grove School District’s Dan olson, Wisconsin   together.                the Superintendent of the Year Award to Dr.
        Superintendent of the Year.            “I am grateful and proud to work along-  olson,  an  outstanding  school  district  leader
            After more than 30 years in education and   side the dedicated members of Team MG. This   who  has  made  a  big  impact  on  the  Monona
        over a decade in school and district administra-  award  is  a  recognition  of  the  work  done  by   Grove community,” said Jon bales, executive
        tion, Dr. Olson sees himself first and foremost   each and every member of our staff,” Dr. olson   director of WASDA. “Throughout his career in

                  Sheboygan Health and Physical

                  Educator Inducted into SHAPE                                        Happy Holidays

                  America Hall of Fame                                                              from the staff at

                                            Center, as part of a program she established as
                                            an emeritus project. She is an enthusiastic profes-
                                            sional who leads by example, motivated by the   Teaching Today WI.
                                            idea that “we accomplish in proportion to what
                                            we attempt.”
                                               A SHAPE America member for 53 years,                    Wishing you
                                            Fritz  has  been  recognized  as  an  outstanding
                                            physical  educator  throughout  her  career.  She   kindness and peace.
                                            received a Teacher of the Year award from Wis-
                                            consin Health and Physical Education (WHPE)
                                            as well as SHAPE America Midwest District. In   See you in 2023!
                                            addition, Fritz has been recognized by SHAPE
                                            America with the Honor Award, the NASPE Joy
                                            of  Effort Award,  and  induction  into  the  North
            Society of Health and Physical Educators is   American Society.
        pleased to announce that retired health and physi-  Fritz has also been the recipient of the She-
        cal educator and coach Kristine (Kris) Fritz was   boygan  Area  School  District  volunteer  of  the
        inducted into the organization’s Hall of Fame in   Year Award, and her ability to secure grants has
        April during the SHAPE America National Con-  greatly contributed to program improvement for
        vention & Expo in New orleans.      the Sheboygan Area School District.
            “being  inducted  into  SHAPE  America’s   “Ms.  Kris,”  as  she  is  now  known  by  her
        Hall  of  Fame  is  a  lifetime  achievement  and   four-year-old  students,  remains  active,  and  is
        allows  us  to  recognize  individuals  who  exem-  an  advocate  for  the  profession.  While  serving
        plify  the  highest  standards  in  accomplishment,   as  SHAPE  America’s  Midwest  District  Presi-
        dedication  to  the  profession,  and  leadership,”   dent from 2018 to 2019, Kris chose ‘Live Your
        says  SHAPE America  CEo  Stephanie  Morris.   Passion’ as her theme, and she continues to do so,
        “SHAPE America is honored to induct Ms. Kris-  contributing in multiple ways.”
        tine Fritz into the SHAPE America Hall of Fame
        in recognition of her lifetime of contributions to   Press Release courtesy of SHAPE America
        the profession,”
            Fritz  continues  to  serve  the  Sheboygan
        Area School District in Wisconsin as a preschool
        physical education teacher at the Early Learning
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