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        Wisconsin's 2023 Wisconsin Teachers of the Year

            “This  recognition  validates  not  only  my
        years  of  working  as  an  educator,  but  just  as
        importantly, it recognizes and validates all the
        talented and generous teachers who I have had
        the opportunity to work with. There has never
        been a more important time to be an educator,
        as  we  face  not  only  the  recent  and  alarming
        teacher shortage nationally, but also as a time to                                Sarah Kopplin                       Peggy Billing
        work together with our families and community                              Sarah  Kopplin  —  Shorewood  Inter-  Peggy Billing  — Library media special-
        leaders to address a recent, divisive culture. We                       mediate  School  World  Geography  teacher   ist  at  Lakeland  Union  High  School,  Peggy
        have to focus as one, on our children.”
                                                                                Sarah Kopplin has a passion for social studies   billing,  has  been  an  educator  for  nearly  20
                   — Lori Danz, 2023 Wisconsin                                  education  and  finds  innovative,  resourceful   years. Lakeland Union Principal Chad Gaurke
                            Teacher of the Year                                 ways  to  provide  opportunities  for  all  stu-  describes  billing  as  an  “outside  the  box
            Kaelee Heideman — In her fifth year as                              dents. In addition to serving on the school’s   thinker”  who  successfully  utilizes  STEAM
        a  counselor  at Traeger,  Kaelee  Heideman  is  a                      instructional  leadership,  Kopplin  also  is  a   activities  to  enhance  her  classes.  “She  has
        leader at the school and within the district, co-                       member of several district, state and national   helped me in so many ways to find a creative
        facilitating  the  social  emotional  learning  team   Kaelee Heideman  organizations  advocating  for  social  studies   outlook on different situations,” said student
        and providing professional development around                           education  and  has  a  sincere  commitment   Teiya Farmer. billing is credited with helping
        equity,  trauma-informed  care,  and  positive   dents. I just want to support them however they   to  improving  outcomes  for  students.  “Mrs.   design and launch a statewide low-cost collec-
        behavioral  interventions  and  support.  “I  have   need it, roll with it and be flexible in whatever   Kopplin received this award because of her   tion of audio, ebooks, and digital magazines
        so many dreams for what I can do with my stu-  that looks like for them and giving them the best   passion for social studies education and the   through the Wisconsin Schools Digital Library
                                            parts of me always.”
                                                                                innovative,  resourceful  ways  she  provides   Consortium, which she has served on since the
                                                                                opportunities  for  all  students.”  —  Shore-  group’s inception in 2018.
                                                                                wood School District.


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                                                      Lori Danz                        Dustin Anderson

                                                                                                                       Dustin Anderson — As the art teacher at
                                                                                   Lori  Danz  —  With  more  than  20   Grant Elementary, in Wisconsin Rapids Public
                                   Did you miss an issue of                     years of experience in education, Lori Danz   Schools, Anderson  has  a  passion  for  art  and
                                     Teaching Today WI™?                        teaches  biology  at  Superior  High  School,   uses it to help students and the community learn
                                                                                                                   and  grow.  Grant  Elementary  Principal  Nicole
                                                                                and is also the school forest coordinator for
                                  Access previous issues at                     the district. “When I first met Lori, I was so   Calteux  credited Anderson  for  being  a  leader
                                                                                impressed  by  her  ability  to  inspire  her  stu-
                                                                                                                   in  the  district,  working  tirelessly  to  provide
                                                                                dents to think critically and creatively about   the best education for every student. In 2020,
                                                                                the natural world around them. We had the   Anderson was selected as Wisconsin Elemen-
                                               pleasure of visiting the school forest with her   tary Art Educator of the Year by the Wisconsin
                                                                                                                   Art  Education  Association.  Anderson  hopes
                                                                                students, and I agree with them – there really
                                                                                is something magical about learning science   that by being named Teacher of the Year, it will
                                                                                in  the  woods.”  —  Wisconsin’s  Superinten-  motivate his students to continue to do well in
                                                                                dent of Schools                    the classroom and accomplish their goals.
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