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Careers in Motion — Health
        teaching today Wisconsin | fall 2022, Volume 1                                                                                        page 11

        advancements and new technologies for Bellin nursing Students

                                                                                different styles of learning, and our lower level   Coordinator says. “It’s really grown even since
                                                                                has a lot of simulation equipment that you’d   I was a student here, so to be able to teach with
                                                                                find in a real hospital setting.”   the new equipment and to show our students
                                                                                   Bellin  College  emphasizes  hands-on   is incredible.”
                                                                                learn,  leadership,  and  service  learning.  It   Bellin  College  recently  changed  all
                                                                                continues to adapt its educational models, so   undergraduate programs to a three-year cur-
                                                                                students are well-prepared to enter the health-  riculum, while still having students obtain a
                                                                                care field upon graduation.        bachelor’s  degree.  In  doing  so,  it  hopes  to
                                                                                   “There  are  so  many  opportunities  to   alleviate  some  of  the  challenges  and  short-
                                                                                learn,”  Zoe  Cambray,  current  Bellin  College   ages  the  healthcare  industry  faces,  while
                                                                                nursing  student  says.  “You’re  using  things   providing  many  opportunities  for  its  stu-
                                                                                you’re going to see in the hospital, so I defi-  dents, so in return they can provide the best
                                                                                nitely felt prepared going into my clinicals.”   care possible for patients in the Green Bay
                                                                                   Bellin College has also advanced its tech-  area and beyond.
                                                                                nology  offerings  to  keep  up
                                                                                with  the  healthcare  models
                                                                                of today. Most recently, with
                                                                                the  addition  of  the  state-of-
                                                                                the-art  vERT  Simulator  for
                                                                                its radiation therapy program
                                                                                and the SynDaver, a synthetic
                                                                                cadaver  that  mimics  human
            Bellin College in Green Bay has educated   student said. “I was very intrigued by Bellin   skin and tissue, students can
        healthcare  professionals  for  over  110  years.   College since it’s strictly a healthcare college.”  engage  in  best  practices  and
        Starting  as  a  nursing  school  in  1909,  Bellin   Not only does Bellin College prepare its   feel  confident  in  their  skills
        College  now  offers  16  different  programs   students for successful careers, but by expand-  and abilities.
        across the undergraduate, graduate, and post-  ing its program offerings, it also works to focus   “It’s  great  to  see  the
        graduate levels.                    on the needs of today’s healthcare challenges.    advancements   and   new
            “I knew I wanted to work in the operating   “The college is a state-of-the-art facility,”   technologies  Bellin  College
        room since I was 12 years old,” Zoe Koepp,   Chad Dall, Director of Outreach and Engage-  has  added,”  Amanda  Super,
        current  Bellin  College  Surgical  Assisting   ment says. “We have multiple classrooms for   Nursing  Assistant  Program

                   A career in healthcare offers you the opportunity

                            to make a difference in the lives of others

          Get your bachelor's degree in just 3 years in the following:

          • Nursing                           • Radiation Therapy
          • Radiologic Sciences               • Surgical Assisting

          Why choose Bellin College?
             •  Direct-entry programs                   •  Experienced, knowledgeable faculty
             •  Get your bachelor's degree in three years  •  Extensive hands-on and clinical practice
             •   Degrees for high-demand careers with    •   Licensure exam pass rates exceed
                excellent earning potential                national averages
             •  A focused curriculum                    •   Transfer courses accepted from accredited
             •  Small class sizes                          two and four-year colleges

                           Join us for a Campus Preview Day • Oct. 22, 2022
                           Learn more at

          Bellin College is an equal opportunity educator and employer.     |  Green Bay, WI  |  (920) 433-6650
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